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Weapons from Dungeons | August Update

Weapons from Dungeons | August Update
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Weapons from Minecraft Dungeons are added to Minecraft Bedrock Edition! The addon adds seven functional and craftable weapons from Minecraft Dungeons, and each weapon has its unique ability, bringing a completely different experience to Minecraft.

This addon does not use player.json, so it’s compatible with most other addons.
All recipes are temporary and may be changed in future update.
My ultimate goal is to bring all the weapons from Minecraft Dungeons into this addon, it might take me a year to complete, but worth it. 
Also, I will update Weapons from Dungeons once a month as much as possible, and next update will bring Whisper SpearFrost ScytheFighter’s Bindings, and maybe more.
Video (August Update)
Jailor’s Scythe
“This scythe belonged to the terror of Highblock Keep, the Jailor.”
+7 Melee Damage / Binds Enimies & Magic Damage
The Jailor’s chains were enchanted and couldn’t easily break free.
Master’s Katana
“The Master's Katana has existed throughout the ages, appearing to heroes at the right moment.”
+8 Melee Damage / 0.5s Attack Cooldown & Critical Hit Chance
The weapon can deal a great amount of damage in an instance.
Dark Katana
“A blade that will not rest until the battle has been won.”
+8 Melee Damage / 0.5s Attack Cooldown & Wither Damage
Its blade curses everything that stands in front of you to death.
“Gifted to one of the Arch-Illager's most distinguished generals upon their conquest of the Squid Coast - this runeblade is infused with dark witchcraft.”
+8 Melee Damage / Leeching
The mysterious rune on the sword has ability to leech health from mobs.
“Crafted in the blackest depths of the Fiery Forge and enchanted with fiery powers.”
+7 Melee Damage / Launch Fireball & Fire Aspect & Fire Resistance
The flames of the nether will ruthlessly turn all living things into ashes.
“Whirlwind, forged during an epic windstorm, is a double-bladed axe that levitates slightly.”
+7 Melee Damage / Casts Shockwaves & Slow Falling
The raging windstorm won’t stop until everything is destroyed.
Fortune Spear
“A spear that is watched over by lucky souls, bringing luck to any who wield it.”
+6 Melee Damage / Ranged Attack & Healing & Strength
Under the blessing of the God of Fortune, the holder will have an endless supply of vitality.


Step 1. Download the behavior pack and resource pack.
Step 2. Enable Holiday Creator Features.
Step 3. Active Weapons from Dungeons behavior pack and resource pack.
Step 4. Now you can find them in your creative mode inventory.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16.221



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