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Bamboopeople V4

Bamboopeople V4
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If you find it difficult to survive and fight to protect your village or house. This addon will make it easier for you. And it's pretty funny. Bamboopeolpe is an addon that adds a bamboo entity to the game. They will assist you in protecting villages and houses.

About addon:

addon added 5 new entity types: bambooman, crossbowstand, bamboosword, bambootanker, shooter.



The Bambooman is an entity that can craft spawn eggs. The bambooman has two forms: bow and crossbow.
  • The bambooman with bow
  • The bambooman with crossbow
After death, the bambooman will drop 1 to 2 bamboo and 1 spawn egg.
When near the village, the bambooman will run into the village and walk around the village. You can lead them with ropes. When you hit the bambooman they won't fight back.
The bambooman only naturally spawns in jungle biomes and bamboo jungles. They are very afraid of pandas for the reason, as you know, pandas will eat bamboo.
You can feed bambooman bamboo to heal and there is a percentage chance they will get additional shield effect.
Player can tame bambooman in V2.

How to make spawn egg of bambooman?

To be able to make bambooman spawn eggs you need 5 bamboos and 1 bow. Arrange freely on the crafting table.
*Bambooman spawn eggs will also drop when they die.



The crossbowstand is an armor stand-like entity, but the crossbowstand can shoot entities that are said to be monsters and evil. Crossbowstands cannot wear armor, and players cannot interact with them. The player can lay them out from the common spawn egg. Crossbowstands have a long-range and 50 health. They can fire 3 arrows at once or 3 arrows in consecutive order.
After death, the crossbowstand only drops its own spawn egg.
Although similar to an armor stand, but the crossbowstand can swing back and forth and look at the target.
Like bambooman, crossbowstand will not fight back when attacked by players.
Crossbowstand will also not be able to be knocked back and move. It just stands still and shoots, but its range is very long and its health is very high.



The bamboosword is a freely reproducing entity. They appear everywhere. And especially we can trade with them. Although the name of bamboosword has the word "Sword", but they hold spears. The word "Sword" only symbolizes the word "melee". They have quite high damage and fairly fast attack speed. They will also run into the village when they are near the village. They will randomly appear from 1 to 10 people at a time and they will appear everywhere, except in dark places. Like bambooman, bamboosword is also very afraid of pandas. And they will not fight back when attacked by the player. However, bamboosword's spawn eggs cannot be crafted, but when they die will drop their spawn eggs when they diethey. They love swords and will buy the player's iron sword. Note: Their Turtle Hat is just a default item in their models and does not function as a player.




The bambootanker is a golem-like entity but it is made of bamboo. bambootanker only 80 health when not tamed. After being tamed by the player, the tanker will increase in size and increase its health to 120. Tankers will not spawn naturally or craft. Tankers are only found in trade tables with bamboosword.
  • Trade with bamboosword: need 30 bamboo to buy 1 bambootanker.



The Shooter is an immobile entity similar to a crossbowstand. But it won't do anything when laid out until you reload it. You reload it by giving it arrows. The reload effect will be the feeding effect. Because I don't know how else to make it more realistic.
The shooter can shoot 50 arrows continuously after being loaded. The range of the shooter is much farther and farther than the crossbowtand. The shooter after reloading will shoot the mobs you hit them.
  • Shooter with trade table of bamboosword
  • Shooter crafting.

Details of update version 2:

  • Bambooman can now tame and follow you. You can have it stand or follow its owner like a wolf.
  • Bambooman after taming will switch to holding a crossbow and can shoot 3 arrows at the same time.
  • Now the pillager and its allies will attack the bamboo soldiers. There will be a real battle when the raid occurs.


Panda Hunter:


Pand hunter is a mob-like Panda but it can walk on two legs and hunt bamboos. Panda Hunter only spawns in forest biome and bamboo forest.
Panda hunter only attacks the player when he is in the jungle biome. And Panda Hunter is bamboo's biggest enemy.

Bambooman with a trident:


This is bambooman's update on weapons. Bambooman trident will attack at range when the target is out of range and melee attack when the target is close.

details of update version 3:

  • Villager farmer will summon bamboo when he was attacked by pillager.
  • Bamboosword now can tame. After tamed, bamboosword can't trade but bamboosword will buff for you effect. And bamboosword can summon 2 bambooman every 2 seconds when its target is far away.

VERSION 4 UPDATE: The war of Bamboo and Panda


Bamboo soldier:

Bamboo soldier is an entity that can spawn naturally. Bamboo soldier is a mob that can stop the attack of pandas.
Players can tame the Bamboo Soldier.
Players can't craft the Bamboo Soldier. But you can buy it at bamboosword.

Panda Soldier:

Panda Soldier there are 2 forms:
  • Panda Soldier is a panda melee attack.
  • Panda Ranged is a panda-ranged attack.
Panda soldiers will spawn everywhere and attack villages. It hates villagers because villagers can summon a bamboo army.
But Panda Soldier will trade with the player by emerald and more items like iron ore bamboo...
Panda soldier can be summoned by Evoker
Panda will now be present in Pilager raids against the bamboo army.



In addition to the villagers farmers can summon the army of bamboo. Now all villagers of the jungle biome can summon 2 bamboo soldiers.
Cherish the farmer villager and jungle villager because they will help you.

Some fixes:

  • Repair trade version of bamboosword: 
  • Add more animation sit of bambooman, bamboosword, bambootanker, bamboosoldier.
  • Players can tame bamboo with bamboo, apple, golden apple.


Lưu ý: Tất cả các cài đặt thử nghiệm không cần phải được bật.


Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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