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Headphones Add-on – v0.2

Headphones Add-on – v0.2
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Bored of listening to the same game music over and over? Would you like to have your own headphones to listen to the best music in the game, without the need for external programs? Well, you are in the right place...

Create By TwitchTube Creator MikeGsYT
It seems to me that many of us have happened that while we collect resources, build or decorate, there comes a time when we get a little bored. How about some music? From an external app I guess.
But how about having good music in the game, your favorite songs maybe. Well, with this little add-on you can carry out music anywhere in the game.
This add-on adds headphones to the game, but they're not just a pretty add-on because they work too!
You can listen to music while doing your daily activities.

2 different models, 10 colors for you to choose your favorite. 10 songs for you to choose the one you like the most.

Contains 10 two-color songs

In case you make a video of this add-on, we guarantee your safety. Red songs are copyrighted and blue songs are not.

You can wear headphones like a helmet. 100% 3D
In a future version you will be able to add your own music.
Both headphones and music are easily available
Just two easy-to-get items:
This plugin has a weight of 32mb for the use of music files, for this reason the files have a different weight than the behavior package, the resource package is the one that contains the music that makes the plugin functional.


HOW TO INSTALL Add-ons? (.mcpack)
1- Download .mcpack 
2- Open the file and wait for it to automatically import into Minecraft

Supported Minecraft versions

  • RTX Beta
  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.200



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