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Random Weapons lol

Random Weapons lol
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 Are you looking for balanced yet unique weapons to add to your Minecraft world? If not your weird and can find a different addon, but if you are this is the addon for you. This addon currently adds 15 new items, 14 of which have their own unique crafting recipe. 1 of the items is only available in creative due to glitches and lack of functionality. 

Of the 12 weapons 11 currently function strictly as swords/weapons and 1 functions as a sword/weapon and pickaxe.
Glass sword
3 attack damage and can be used to craft many other swords
100 durability
No enchant level
Redstone Dagger
4 attack damage and is crafted the same as a Redstone torch
(Does not replace vanilla recipe)
90 durability
Extremely high enchant level
Water Sword
4 attack damage, crafted from a Glass Sword and water bucket
200 durability
Low enchant level
Lava Sword
7 attack damage, crafted using a Glass Sword and Lava Bucket
560 durability
Medium Enchant Level
Wava Sword
6 attack damage, made through a failed version of the obsidian sword recipe (found later in this description) (reference to making cobblestone instead of obsidian)
450 durability
Medium Enchant Level
Poor Miners Sword
6 attack damage, idk why I just thought this concept was funny
1300 durability
Low enchant level
Amethyst Reinforced Diamond Sword
8 attack damage, I couldn't think of a way to use amethyst without it being broken or too weak so I did this
1999 durability
High Enchant level
Blue Blade of Epicnessss
8 attack damage
2500 durability
Medium Enchant Level
Obsidian Sword
8.5 attack damage, made from a Water and Lava Sword
3000 durability
High Enchant Level
Thunder Bolt
15 attack damage, sword with the ability to strike lightning on use
3500 durability
High Enchant Level
Based on the hammer of the Norse God of Thunder Thor
25 attack damage, functions as a weapon and pickaxe
Using item causes lightning strikes
10000 durability and lightning strikes do 1 tick of damage to item
Extremely High enchant level
Goliath Trident
15 damage
Infinite durability and is only obtainable in creative due to lack of functionality
Green Goliath
10 attack damage
2300 durability
Medium enchant level
6 attack damage
500 durability
Extremely High enchant level
Goliath Scythe
6 attack damage
1500 durability
Medium Enchant Level


Uninstall old versions before installing newer ones

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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