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Bone Armor Sets

Bone Armor Sets
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This add-on adds two new sets of armor to the game and 3 new items to craft them. It features one normal version crafted by killing cows and skeletons and a better version which is crafted by killing wither skeletons and hoglins/zoglins. 

This add-on adds two new sets of bone armor that can be crafted from old and new items. The first set which is the normal version is created from materials gathered by killing cows and skeletons. 
This is what the set looks like
And this is how you craft it
The other version of the armor is slightly better than iron armor and this is what it looks like
The crafting recipes are the same except instead of normal leather you use tough leather and instead of normal bones you use wither bones
Tough leather gathered by killing hoglins/zoglins and then smelting the untreated leather they drop to get tough leather.
The way to get wither bones is just by killing wither skeletons

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16



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