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Injection Addon

Injection Addon
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Is normal vanilla minecraft potion is too hard to brew and its used pretty fast? I can't help you with that but i can help you make your minecraft experience just 1% better, thats not alot but hey! 1% is just enough.

Make sure that you turn on experimental gameplay on.
In this addon, theres injection you can inject yourself with, its usage is permanent, but you can only inject yourself with one of the liquid, you can revert the liquid back by using Empty Injection.
Empty Injection
Right click to grab the effect in your body, its not as painful as you think it is. This item is the main item used to craft other injection.
Right click or Hold click to remove your current injected effects (Use item)
There are 2 types of injection in this addon that might help you
Passive Injection
Passive injection effects will be active every second
Movement Injection
Movement injection can increase your speed and jump boost, making your pyshical movement beyond your capabilities.
Gain extra jump height and speed.
Damage Injection
Damage injection increase your damage, this injection is pretty good at killing Enemies in your way.
Gain extra damage to your punch and sword attack damage.
Defense Injection
Defense injection increase your capability of taking damage, and you are immune againts fire and lava.
Gain extra defense and immune to lava and fire.
Saturation Injection
Saturation injection makes you full, no needs of foods anymore. 100% Vegan but im not sure...
Remove hunger.
Vision Injection
Vision injection increase your vision, making you able to see in the dark. Superhuman abilities to its limit.
Gain the ability to see in the dark.
Active Injection
Active injection is activated when you sneak/crouch (aka peace sign of minecraft)
Flying Injection
Flying injection makes you capable of slowly flying, you also slowly fall so dont worry about fall damage.
Gain levitation and slow fall.
Hardening Injection
Hardening injection will makes you learn the move Harden. Using this will makes you hard as bedrock, but you cannot walk or damage mobs.
Gain invicibility but you can't attack or move.
Self Calm
Self calm will makes you calm when you needs to. Anxiety, Fear, and every negative thoughts go away, healing your pyshical body.
Gain regeneration but weakens and slows you down.


Make sure experimental gameplay on, if the texture are missing, reload the texture packs 

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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