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Boba Addon

Boba Addon
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Hello! Have you ever wanted to run a cafe that has bubble tea? Well today is your lucky day! This addon adds six new boba items to your Minecraft world! Display your boba and give them the food counterpart! First it adds three new boba drinks. The flavors are Strawberry, Matcha, and Brown Sugar! Plus new boba blocks for each flavor. The blocks can be placed on virtually every block! The new boba drinks can be crafted in survival but the blocks cannot. Commands are:/give @p cc:strawberry_boba_tea/give @p cc:strawberry_boba_block/give @p cc:matcha_boba_tea/give @p cc:matcha_boba_block/give @p cc:brown_boba_tea/give @p cc:brown_boba_block

This addon REQUIRES experimental gameplay to function and some items require cheats to aquire. Here are some photos of the items and recipes. In the future I may update this addon and add more so keep an eye out for updates as this might not be the final version.
These are all the blocks you can get with this addon. They are super cute and can be placed on a bunch of blocks!
This is the crafting recipe for all the boba teas. 
Each boba gives the regenerat effect because its so delicious!


I updated the brief description 

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.16.230 (beta)



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