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Traders Addon V1.5

Traders Addon V1.5
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An addon that adds 10+ (too lazy to count) traders that can be spawned it by a special spawner that can be made in survival and most trades I've considered to be fair in survival so give this addon a try in survival if you would like 

Here is a list of what each trader can supply you:
-The skeleton is your average trader that trades you simple stuff like string for emeralds and is pretty great to have around(4 trading tiers available)
Takes your average crops and rewards your for them(think of it as quests) and you can even earn diamonds from it!(3 trading tiers available)
The Enderman is a weapon dealer (some weapons have broken durability sometimes) and can offer you 5 swords and a Sniper (3 trading tiers available)
Winnie the Pooh 
Winnie the Pooh was added because my girlfriend liked it so why not, guess what he does and you'll probably get it right(2 trading tiers available)
The zombie is your average everyday cool zombo, it manages to somehow get armor and resell it for a high price but hey, you can atleast get netherite right?(5 trading tiers available)
With the creeper you can sell or buy explosives from it at a good price, careful tho he will explode if you get too close (3 trading tiers available) 
The chicken is weird, it is like the wandering trader but useful, it sells you stuff you can't get easily without grinding at a pretty good price considering some can be harvested(4 trading tiers available)
The lil slime guy gives you what he shaved off the other day for a decent price, he also sells you redstone and pistons just to complete the set(3 trading tiers available)
The uh Armor Stand Trader???? 
The armor stand knows too much and is selling you illegal blocks for a 20 emeralds each(1 trading tier available and it's a pretty illegal one at that)
The cultist likes to summon stuff and he is keepin' it fresh, the person sells you stuff to summon things ranging from snow golem all the way to the ender dragon (4 trading tiers available)
The Shulker is a bit broken and gives you really good stuff, he gives you a bad pickaxe for tier one and then it rapidly gets better and on tier 4 you'll get a godly pickaxe (4 trading tiers available)

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221



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