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Loot Pots Addon (with Dungeons)

Loot Pots Addon (with Dungeons)
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 As the name implies, this addon adds pots with completely random loot. all of these pots can be found in custom dugeons, loot quality has to do with pot rarity.

Green Pot (common)
Blue Pot (rare)
Purple Pot (epic)
1° Structure
This structure will not have any kind of challenge, but it is very beautiful. In this place will have the "common pot" and also the "rare pot"
2° Underground Dungeon
This dungeon has several skeleton spawners, and also has the "common pot" the rare and even the "epic pot"
the loots from the pots are quite varied, there are several classes of loot. the better the pot, the better the loot.
when opening a common pot don't expect to see very good items in it, when opening a rare pot, iron ore and gold can come quite often. And when you open an epic pot, enchanted apples may come and there is a small chance of diamonds.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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