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Flying Car Addon

Flying Car Addon
Addons for Minecraft PE
This add-on is inspired from the air car by made the company KleinVision.This adds a car that can be transformed into a flying car.This useful in traveling both land and sky.

To obtain this in survival you will need to craft it in a crafting table. You will need item such as a glass, 2 iron ingot and 2 iron blocks
You can use this car in normal mode and flying car mode.To transform the car you need to sneak and clicking the transform button
And you can also transform the car while riding by clicking the transform button
Look up to control the flying car.


get through the Linkvertise page, follow these instructions:
1. After clicking on the download link in MCPEDL, you should see this screen. Click on "Click here to continue".
2. Wait 5 seconds, then click on "Free Access with Ads".
3. Click on "Discover interesting articles".
4. A popup will appear with articles. You do not need to read any articles. Click on the cross at the top right corner and wait 10 seconds. After that, click on the cross again.
5. The popup should close. Now, click on "Continue". You should be brought to the MediaFire download screen.
Note: If your are going to share this add-on please use the mcpedl or the Linkvertise link, not the mediafire link

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.7
  • 1.16



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