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Flat Survival Add-On

Flat Survival Add-On
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Would you like to try surviving in flat world? Do you want to get almost all resources in flat survival? Do you want to kill Ender Dragon in flat survival? This add-on will help you!

This add-on adds 23 new recipes (contains furnace and crafting table), 1 new item, 1 new block, 1 new entity and 2 new nether biomes.
What's more, This add-on also enhanced the monsters and modified the trades of Wandering Trader.
If you want to enable Dirt Golem (new entity), please enable all the Experimental Gameplay (except Caves and Cliffs) in World Options.
If you want to make life easier, please enable Education Edition in World Options.

New Recipes

Note: this item is Compressed Dirt.
Note: this block is Block Of Compressed Dirt.
Note: this spawn egg is Dirt Golem. And this recipe will disabled if you disable Experimental Gameplay.
Note: the following 3 recipes will disabled if you disable Education Edition.

New Item

Compressed Dirt

Use 8 dirt to craft it.
It is used for crafting Block of Compressed Dirt.

New Block

Block of Compressed Dirt

Use 8 Compressed Dirt to craft it.
It is used for crafting Dirt Golem.

New entity

Dirt Golem

Use 2 Block of Compressed Dirt and an arrow to craft its spawn egg.
Dirt Golem will attack monsters, and it has a container with 9 slot available.

New trades for Wandering Trader

New biomes in the nether

1.Obsidian land

Obsidians cover on the surface. Block of Nether Wart inlay in obsidians. Water can be found there!

2. Hotland

Ancient Debris will generate there. But lava is everywhere. Be careful!

Other Modification

  • health of all monsters are doubled.
  • fuse length of creeper reduced to 0.1s.
  • zombies move faster, and they can even TELEPORT!
  • skeletons move more slowly, but shoot more quickly.
  • lava will give player 100 damage(50*❤️) per tick now.

Tutorials for Surviving

  1. Collect enough dirts to craft sticks.
  2. Use sticks to craft planks.
  3. Use planks to craft a crafting table.
  4. Collect planks and wools to craft a bed.
  5. Collect at least 81 dirts to craft 9 iron nugget. Then craft an iron ingot to craft iron shovel to collect more dirts.
  6. Craft some chemistry table to make charcoal (C₇H₄O). Then craft coals to craft Block of Coal.
  7. Craft Blast Furnace to change Block of Coal into Obsidians.
  8. Use Blast Furnace to change Obsidians into Diamonds. Then make some diamonds tools and armors.
  9. Make a Nether Portal and explore the nether, find Hotland biome. Then collect Ancient Debris carefully.
  10. Return to Overworld and make Netherite tools and armors.
  11. Collect Ender Pearl and Blaze Rod to crafting Ender Eyes.
  12. Use cobblestones to craft End Portal Frame. Then go to the end.
  13. Kill Ender Dragon.
  14. The end.


  1. Create a flat world with this add-on.
  2. Change game mode to survival.
  3. Enjoy it!

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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