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Sword Art Online Addon
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Sword Art Online is an anime where a certain amount of people got stuck in a VR game and have to clear 100 floors in order to return to the real world. I'm remaking that but in Minecraft! Each time I update this addon, ill be adding a new floor. Of course sometimes there will be bug fixes and improvement updates so dont expect each and every update to have a new floor. Anyways, hope you enjoy! Me and my build team are currently working on an Aincrad map to go with the addon, so if your looking to roleplay with your friends, make a realm, or just want to play the map, look out for the Aincrad Map, when I add a new floor to the addon, we add a new floor on the map!

When you spawn in, there will be monsters spawning everywhere, they're all friendly until attacked.

                                                                       Floor 1

Frenzy Boar
Drops: Boar Meat, Frenzy Boar Hide, Cal
Slate Boar
Drops: Boar Meat, Slate Boar Hide, Cal
Stabbing Wasp
Drops: Pointed Stinger, Cal
Dire Wolf
Drops: Wolf Meat, Dire Wolf Hide, Wolf Claw, Sharp Claw, Cal
Little Nepenthes
Drops: Red Fruit, Cal
Fruit Nepenthes
Drops: Red Fruit, Cal
Kobold Henchman
Drops: Small Metal Piece, Col
Floor 1 Sell Merchant
Sells: Weapons for Cal (Currency) 
Note: Keep buying weapons from him to unlock more weapons
Floor 1 Buy Merchant 
Buys: Monster Drops for Cal (Currency)
Note: Keep selling items to him to unlock more sellable items
Illfang The Kobold Lord (Boss)
Drops: King's Ear, King's Fang, Col
There are a total of 14 weapons, those include daggers, swords, lances, rapiers, and spears. There are 3 new food sources that replace all meats, those being Boar Meat, Wolf Meat, and Red Fruit. There are a total of 13 monster drops, all can be sold to a Floor 1 Buy Merchant. 

All the Weapons ( IN ORDER )
Anneal Blade
Anneal Dagger
Anneal Lance
Anneal Rapier
Azure Skyblade
Copper Dagger
Copper Lance
Copper Mace
Copper Rapier
Copper Sword
Sharp Spear
Dark Repulser (unobtainable)
Elucidator (unobtainable)

All Food/Items ( IN ORDER )
Dire Wolf Hide,
Frenzy Boar Hide
King's Ear
King's Fang
Small Metal Piece
Wolf Claw
Sharp Claw
Slate Boar Hide
Pointed Stinger
Boar Meat
Wolf Meat
Red Fruit


Mobile - download the .mcaddon file and press open
Xbox and Windows 10 - download the .zip file, extract it, then move the both the folders inside into the corresponding folders in the Minecraft files.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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