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Fans and Grinders

Fans and Grinders
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Do you want to easily farm mobs for their experience and items but you don't want to stand there hitting them all the time? This addon adds 3 new blocks that will make it easy to farm mobs!

With this addon you can push mobs using the fan and damage them using the grinders. The grinder has 2 types the Iron and Diamond, the diamond deals more damage.

Iron Grinder:

Diamond Grinder:

When a mob or player gets on top of these grinders they will take damage.
The Fan is the highlight of this addon since it has many uses. You can push mobs, players and items and you can even control its flow of air.

Fan Recipe:

Fan blade:
Fan Block:
With the fan block you can rotate it any direction and it has a maximum push of 6 blocks. The Fan block needs redstone power in order for it to turn on. You can limit the push by blocking the air using a block.

Demonstration Video:

  • This addon uses entities so be careful when doing /kill.


  • Experimental Mode must be turned on (Holiday Creator Features, Additional Modding Capabilities)
  • Might not work with other addon that also uses edited vanilla mobs.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.221



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