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Cat Maid Dresses

Cat Maid Dresses
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If you've ever wanted this in Minecraft, for whatever your reasons are, here it is. This addon simply adds cat maid outfits to Minecraft with all of the 16 color variants. 

Each outfit is a helmet item, and is found in the helmets section of the Creative menu. Each give 1 armor point and have 3000 durability. The models include a cat ear headband and the maid dress. When worn it will also cover your armor so you can wear full netherite and still have the outfit on. Each item specifies the color aside from the black outfit. The headband also changes color to match the outfit.
Crafting each peice requires 5 wool blocks in any color. It takes the same shape as crafting a helmet.
All outfits displayed on the player and on armor stands
Player with outfit and netherite armor on. The outfit conceals the armor.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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