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Minecraft But Lava Follows You

Minecraft But Lava Follows You
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Have you ever thought minecraft is too easy ?Have you just watched wisp's video and want the same on bedrock ?Have you ever wanted a challenge add-on ?Have you ever wanted a really hard challenge add-on ?if you have ever wanted any of these things then this add-on is perfect for you 

Minecraft But Lava Follows you 

Thanks to Wisp for the idea

About the add-on : 

When you spawn in a world lava starts spawning around you and chasing you   (even if your in the air)
The lava also flows and set wood on fire making forests or closed off sports extremely dangerous 
seems 1.18 gen is out as an experimental feature  i recommend turning that on for this  so it makes caves less harder 
Lava spawns to the left and right of you so be careful 
Requires high iq plays to actually survive in this add-on lol 
for now lava does not spawn in the end   (comment if i should make a version when the lava does spawn in the end)
may cause lag after some time
Works in multiplayer  but not recommended
I recommend you have a powerful device for this add-on
when lava touches the water it turns to obsidian or spawns slightly above the water 
so be careful around water you might end up being stuck in it
When you go into a house or cave the lava will just end up surrounding you so you have to use some pretty iq plays to get out of the tricky situation 
This add-on can be used in creative 
creative build challenge maybe ???  with this add-on 
Heres some images after playing the add-on for a bit 
heres me stuck at spawn 
this tends to happen once you die 3 or more times make sure you craft beds lol 
me trapped against the side of a hill 
the forest was on fire behind me making escape almost impossible 
kinda looks like a lava snake or lava gateway in the air lol
lava pyramid  maybe ??
i made this in creative 
Can you beat the ender dragon ??


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Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221



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