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Dream Boss Fight [Spawns Georges] Addon

Dream Boss Fight [Spawns Georges] Addon
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Prepare for the battle between you and dream. Can you defeat the best player of minecraft? or will you get defeated? Find out! legend says that only 1% of minecraft players can defeat dream.

How Does It Work?

this addon adds "Dream" and "GeorgeNotFound" as your enemy "BOSS". Your goal is to defeat Dream while you are on survival mode. 
• HP = 350
• Damage = 12 [ with Diamond Sword]
• Atk Speed = Normal
• Size = Normal  
• Ability = Can summon hordes of Georges to fight you.
Here is a clip of Dream summoning Georges: 

• HP = 15
• Damage = 3 + Bow & Arrow
• Atk Speed = Fast
• Size = ½
• Ability = Small size [ Has a low hitbox]
Simplified Stats: 


How Do I Spawn/Obtain Them?

The easiest way is in the inventory (Creative) just go to the 4th sectionof the inventory and locate the spawn egg where all the spawn eggs are located and you will see Dream and George at the end.

There is also another way, Just go to the chat box and type [ / give ] and add what is shown below in the picture [ it will automatically show when you type dream]
 and after that you will get the spawn eggs of Dream & George.


Gameplay Showcase - Let the images explain it o you.
CHALLENGE : [ Disclaimer : this is just a challenge don't take it seriously! ]  Try to use the equipments i listed below and tell me in the comments what set you used to beat dream.
Netherite Armor Set + Netherite Sword + Shield = What a noob!
Diamond Armor Set + Diamond Sword + Shield = Normal
Iron Armor Set + Iron Sword + Shield = Decent
Chainmail Set + Stone Sword + Shield = Veteran
Gold Set + Golden Sword + Shield = Pro ?
Leather Armor Set + Wood Sword + Shield =Dream Level
FIST ONLY = Hacker / God
Comment down what kind of set you used to beat dream!


we need experimental gameplay because i added new items/mobs in the game there is no current way to create a new item/mob in the game that does not require expermentalg gameplay im sorry for the inconvenience thank you!


  • Made it so it works in 1.17
  • Fixed a bug where Dream becomes super tiny.
  • Fixed Dream's Hitbox. 

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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