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Simple Vehicles Addon 1.7.0 - The Rainbow Update

Simple Vehicles Addon 1.7.0 - The Rainbow Update
Addons for Minecraft PE
This addon adds 50 vehicles in Minecraft Bedrock that which is compatible and suitable for city, creations and role-play maps with your friends or just by yourself then here's the vehicles add-on that you waiting for 

This Addon Adds lot's of vehicles in Minecraft so this is still a part of the update and Now I will tell you about this mod
Car - It has 16 colors and it can dyeable into different variants here's some of colors you may like. 
Colors Available
  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Orange
  4. Magenta
  5. Yellow
  6. Lime
  7. Pink
  8. Blue
  9. Gray
  10. Green
  11. Red
  12. Cyan
  13. Silver
  14. Light Blue
  15. Purple
  16. Brown
Double Decker Bus - It can carry up to ten players and it can be paint into different colors same as a car 
Minibus - It can carry up to 4-6 players 
Scooter - It can carry only one player at the time but with custom riding animations added 
Hoverboard - It has different colors same as car does with custom riding animations added
Volt bike - It has custom riding animations if you're ride on it
Tank - I add it for fun purpose for now since it doesn't have functions all you have to is to ride on it
Container Van - It has 16 colors same as car does.
Speedboat 2 Large - It can carry up to 4 players and it has few variants to try.
And here are some vehicles that I can't tell it 
  1. Sled
  2. Plane
  3. Pick up truck large or also know as off-road truck
  4. Motor bike
  5. Van
  6. Bus
  7. Volkswagen Beetle
  8. Modernize Jeep PH - I will improve it soon
  9. Christmas Sled
  1. Cadillac DTS 2010 model
  2. Ford mustang
  3. Fire Truck
  4. Isuzu Travis
  5. Tractor
  6. Auv Car
  7. Lowrider
  8. Shuttle Bus
  9. Ev 4
  1. Toyota AE 86
  2. Bike - It has custom riding animations added
  1. Van
  2. Pick up truck small - It can carry up to 2 players
  3. OB Van
  4. Opel Astral
  5. Pajero
  6. Ice cream truck
  7. Honda Accord 2019
  1. Century Luxury car
  2. Helicopter - issues appear such as you can't despawn depends on device
  3. Opel Corsa
  4. Speedboat Small
  5. Truck - Adds 16 colors same as car does
  6. Limousine
  7. Tesla Cybertruck
  8. Taxi
  9. Traditional PH Jeep
  1. OB Van
  2. Hyundai Starex
  3. Hyundai Starex with an casket
  4. Ambulance
  5. Police Car
Here's some of features added 
Here are the items added such as: 
  1. Key - use for drive a vehicle
  2. Wrench - Not functional for now
  3. Wheels - Not Functional for now
  4. Engines - No functional and the vehicle parts are not functional it will implement the improvements soon
Sprays Added and other items 
How to spray?
Spray it at the vehicles that has 16 variants 
How to fly? 
You must look up to ascend and look down to descent if you ride an helicopter just equip the key and look up then jump 
Trailer video 


Ashminggu - for the custom riding animations


Since I'm using linkvertise to support the development and here's how to download it 
  1. Wait for 5 - 10 seconds.
  2. Read and article for just 10 seconds then close it.
  3. Continue to download
  4. Then Import it to the game
  5. Enable "Holiday Creator Features" which is recommended and you can enable the "Additional Modding Capabilities" as optional
  6. Enjoy ??

Supported Minecraft versions

  • RTX Beta
  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.200



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