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Netheria (Beta)

Netheria (Beta)
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Minecraft hasn't been updated for a long time? It's not a problem! This addon diversify your game. New armor, swords, items, blocks, ore, mobs and boss! Go to the nether, find the new ore and start to create new items. 

New content
1) Unstable ore
You can find this ore everywhere in the nether. 
2) Construction table 
New crafting table. All new items you can craft only here. 
1) Magical stick
You can get it only by trading with wizard (new mob). Is used to craft. 
2) Nether shard
You can get it only by trading with wizard (4-6 shards). Is used to craft. 
3) Unstable fragment 
This fragment falls out of unstable ore. Is used to craft. 
4) Magical dust
You can get it only by trading with wizard. Is used to craft. 
Unstable armor:
Nether armor:
1) Wizard
New trader. You can find him just walking around the world. 
2) Nether King
New boss. Attack from a distance with super fireball. Don't touch your first. 
To summon this boss you need terrible doll


After clicking on the link you will be redirected to Follow the instructions there to download addon. Enjoy

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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