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Vein Miner 1.17+

Vein Miner 1.17+
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This addon introduces a new way of mining ores. Now you can mine the whole vein of the ores by just mining one ore block. You just have to sneak by pressing the shift button or whatever button you have set for sneaking. By default its left shift. This addon is survival friendly too.
The new update adds new blocks to the addon like wood logs and others.

You can mine ores and even their deepslate version. All the thing you have to do is sneak. But if you have to mine single piece, just mine it normally, without sneaking.
You can mine all the ores including iron, copper and many more. In the coming future, more blocks support will be added to this addon.
Currently, the blocks supported for vein mining are as follows :
  1. Ancient Debris
  2. Diamonds (Includes Deepslate Version)
  3. Iron (Includes Deepslate Version)
  4. Gold (Includes Deepslate Version)
  5. Copper (Includes Deepslate Version)
  6. Coal (Includes Deepslate Version)
  7. Lapis (Includes Deepslate Version)
  8. Emerald (Includes Deepslate Version)
  9. Nether Gold
  10. Nether Quartz
  11. Gravel
  12. Granite
  13. Andesite
  14. Diorite
New Blocks added to the addon are as follows...
  • All wood logs
  • Nether wood
  • Wart Blocks (Crimson and Warped)
  • Redstone
  • Glowstone
  • Clay

NOTE : Fortune doesn't work while veinmining. To do so, you have to mine it normally.


  • First click on the download link and follow the steps and download the addon.
  • Now double click on it, now the game will automatically import the addon.
  • Now go to your world settings, the behavior packs, then select this addon and press activate.
  • Now enter the world and enjoy.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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