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Easy Minecraft

Easy Minecraft
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Easy Minecraft is a Minecraft Addon to make Minecraft be Easy and Mostly Overpowered. I added more crafting recipes for items that you either normally can't craft or is hard to get.
The texture pack used in the screenshots is called Faithful. It is NOT included in the mod itself.

Diamond Stick: An added item for the trident recipe and maybe future recipes. Made with 2 diamonds and a crafting table.
Obsidian Ingot: Another custom item used in the new Netherite Recipe and also maybe future recipes. Made with obsidian and a furnace or blast furnace.
Trident: Made with 2 Diamond sticks and 3 iron ingots.
Netherite: Made with the following: An Obsidian Ingot, A Nether Brick, An Iron Ingot, and a Gold Ingot. Each item must be placed in the crafting table exactly how it is shown in the screenshot. Due to a bug you have to place the crafting recipe on the left side of the crafting table. Top or bottom is still of your choosing though.
Diamond: You will need 8 lapis lazuli and 1 iron ingot. Place the iron ingot in the center of the recipe and surround it with lapis.
Prismarine Shard: 1 Lapis Lazuli in a furnace or a blast furnace.
Nether Brick: You couldn't smelt nether brick in a blast furnace before but now you can!
Notch Apple: Back in Minecraft Java version 1.9, the crafting recipe for Notch Apples (Enchanted Apples) was removed. I brought the recipe back in this addon!
Totem: A gold ingot on the top and bottom, gold nuggets on the sides, and an emerald in the center and you got a Totem Of Undying!
End Stone: The power of the ender pearl changes the cobblestones color.
End Portal Frame: End Stones on the bottom row and Ender Pearls in the middle row give you End Portal Frames. With the portal frames you'll have to be very carful and thoughtful about where you place them. Make sure you have a plan for where you'll place them in a survival world. Make sure the frames are placed in the right direction or the portal won't work. The portal frames are still indestructible so BE CARFUL WHERE YOU PLACE THEM!!
I hope you enjoy this Addon! More Addons and Minecraft Maps will come out soon.
You Must Have Experimental Gameplay Enabled to use this Addon. Experimental Gameplay Is located right over the cheats when creating a world.


The tutorial is a world you can download that lets you test out the addon!

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17
  • 1.16



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