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Hippocampus Plus

Hippocampus Plus
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Hello again, This time we are going to the depths of the ocean to see these Fantastic Creatures. This Addon was Created by Anthony a Member of Fenrir Studios and the models made by Arcanus

This Addon Adds The Following Items:

Hippocampus Meat:

This meat can be obtained by killing the hippocampus
To be able to start eating hippocampus meat you must cook it, you can cook it in an oven, smoker and even in a campfire.

Blue Hippocampus Scales:

These scales will serve you to be able to craft a shield and soon blocks and even armor.
Aqua Hippocampus Scales:
Black Hippocampus Scales:
Green Hippocampus Scales:
Celestial Hippocampus Scales:
Brown Hippocampus Scales:
Pink Hippocampus Scales:
Purple Hippocampus Scales:
Red Hippocampus Scales:
Yellow Hippocampus Scales:
For now, the only ones that have functions are the scales of the blue hippocampus, which you can make a shield of scales of the blue hippocampus

Blue Hippocampus Scales Shield:

You can craft a blue hippocampus scale shield, and it works like a normal shield, the crafting is as follows:

Hippocampus Mount:

To be able to mount your hippocampus you will need this mount, this is the following crafting:

Male and female blue hippocampus:

This hippocampus will appear in the oceans, you can tame it with primamarin crystals and even ride with the hippocampus mount and if you want to go out to explore the depths of the ocean, take your hippocampus and dive with it. you just have to look down and he will start diving with the breastplate if you want to go out to explore the mountains you can leave it at home, to have hippocampus babies you just have to give primarin crystals to the male and female hippocampus but remember that they must be the same color and every 3 minutes the hippocampus will drop 3 scales
The Hippocampus has variants of different colors from red to black in a future update each hippocampus will have a special ability
The variants are the following:

Male and female aqua hippocampus:

Male and female black hippocampus:

Male and female green hippocampus:

Male and female celestial hippocampus:

Male and female brown hippocampus:

Male and female pink hippocampus:

Male and female purple hippocampus:

Male and female red hippocampus:

Male and female yellow hippocampus:

Stay tuned with the addon that in the update too much cool things will be sold.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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