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New Elemental Swords 1.17 Fix Update

New Elemental Swords 1.17 Fix Update
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10 new swords with powerful abilities, and 3 new dangerous enemies. This addon will add more variety of weapons and more challenge to complete to your world, and the best part IT'S COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER. ADDONS.

Mobs and Resources


Aquastone can be obtained by fishing, every time you fish a treasure you'll also get an aquastone, I'f used for the water related swords

Primal Rock

Obtained by mining, the ore generates everywhere in the overworld, looks like stone buts it's texture changes every few seconds as you can see in the images. Its used for the earth related swords

Air Crystal

Dropped for the windzard, use on the air related swords
Windzards are "alive phantoms" they spawn during the day, they are neutral, if you attack one clones of it will start spawning to attack you, if you or the windzard dies the clones disappear

Blaze Ingot

Dropped for the wildfire, used in the fire related swords
Every blaze , including the ones from spawners has 10% chance to spawn as a Wildfire, and every wildfire spawns with 4 blazes that follow it, they have 40 hp
They have 3 attacks, if you are too far they'll shoot like normal blazes, using its shields to protect itselfs from proyectiles and explosions. If you're close enough they raise it's shields to di a spin attack, dealing 5 damage and losing its protection, if this attack isn't enough, they'll close its shields again, and start charging a powerful shockwave attack, dealing 15 damage and burning everything nearby them, when one dies the fire under them disappears, preventing the lose of loot.

Spider Fang

Dropped for the big fangs spider, used in the spider sword
The big fangs spider are variants of the normal spiders, but also a different entity, they can poison the player and trap it on web if is playing on normal or hard, they spawn in any dark place of the overworld like the normal spider, almost every time with a skeleton jokey ,are always hostile.

Basic Swords

The first 5 swords can be crafted with just 2 of its necessary material and a stick, like an iron sword, just replacing the iron with the corresponding item , you can see the recipes in the recipes book, all the swords has a durability of 850 deals 5 damages, has 2 abilities and can be repaired with other sword or the same item you used to craft them or other sword. The only exception is the poison sword, with its own recipe and repaired with iron

Fire Sword

Crafted and repaired with blaze ingot
  • On use: Buns every entity in 10 blocks around, 10 s cooldown
  • On hit: 60% chance to burn on hit

Water Sword

Crafted and repaired with aquastone.
  • On use: Shoots water, pushing enemies and damaging blazes and wildfires
  • On hit: 60% chance to create a whirlpool that sucks and damage entities in water or rain

Earth Sword

Crafted and repaired with primal rock
  • On use:Creates a earthquake damaging and giving 7 s of slowness to every non flying entity in 10 blocks around, 10 s cooldown
  • On hit:60% chance to create a small earthquake, dealing area damage to non flying entities

Wind Sword

Crafted and repaired with air crystal
  • On use:Throws into the air entities on 10 blocks around, 10 s cooldown
  • On hit:60% chance to throw into the air the enty you hit

Poison Sword

Crafted with:
  • Iron sword x 1
  • Spider Eye x 2
  • Gold Ingot x 1
  • On use:Poison all enties on 15 block around, 15 s cooldown
  • On hit:60% poison on hit

Upgraded Swords

You can upgrade any basic sword to a stronger one. First you need to craft 4 blocks of the material you used to craft the basic sword, 4 aquastone for the water sword for example, block are crafted with 9 items, and can be uncrafted, if you're gonna upgrade your poison sword you need 4 spider fangs instead
The ricepes of the blocks Don't appear on the recipe book, so here you can see the other 3 recipes.
One you have all, put the 4 blocks/fangs with the shape of a cross, put a diamond in the middle and this will give you and upgrade, hold the upgrade in you main hand, the sword you wanna upgrade in the main one, interact with any block using the sword and the sword will be upgraded, this keep the enchantments of the sword at level 1 and only works on survival.
Replace the aquastone blocks for the corresponding blocks or the 4 spider fangs to craft the other updates.
An example, if you upgrade a fire sword with sharpness 5 and mending, you get a lava sword with sharpness 1 and mending.
All the upgraded swords can be repaired with the same items that it's basic versions, all deals 8 damage and have 1500 durability. The upgrade sword have different abilities depending if you use the sword or interact with a block, you can think in this like sweet berries, you can "use" the berries and eat them or use the on a block and plant a berry bush.

Lava Sword

Upgraded version of the fire sword
  • On use sneaking:Burns everything in 10 blocks around, 2 sec cooldown
  • On use without sneaking:
    Shoots lava, cooldown shared with the previous ability.
  • On hit:Burns entities every time
  • On hold with any hand:Gives fire resistance to its holder

Ocean Sword

Upgraded version of the water sword
  • On use with sneaking/being on water:Shoots a weak but very precise water steam, dealing ranged damage
  • On use sneaking/being on water: Creates a whirlpool around you and gives you resistance, the whirlpool suck and damage entities on water or rain
  • On hit:Creates a whirlpool around the entity you hit, the effects are the same, without resistance
  • On use on block without sneaking:Place water on the 6 sides of the block
  • On use sneaking: Enables/Disables "Water Boost"
  • On use when "Water Boost" is enabled: Propels you backwards shooting water

Jungle Sword

Upgraded version of the earth sword
  • On use:Creates a wall in front of you, the material of the walk depends of the material of the floor, the materials the wall can use are
Soulsoil and soul sand
Dirt (Default)
  • On use on block sneaking:Creates a earthquake, dealing 5 damage to non flying entities on 10 blocks around
  • On use on block without sneaking: Also a earthquake with 5 damage, but its a line in the direction you are viewing, both can hurt trough blocks
  • On use on block while falling: A heavy slam that deals 10 damage and masive knockback to enties in 10 blocks around , kinda hard to use in third person, 4 s cooldown
  • On hit:Creates a small earthquake dealing area damage


Storm sword

Upgraded version of the wind sword
  • On use without sneaking:A powerful air blast
  • On use sneaking:Push away nearby entities
  • On use sneaking, looking up and being on ground: Raise you up in the air
  • On use midair:Gives slow falling to its holder
  • On use on block sneaking: Enable/Disable   
    "Gale hit"
  • On hit when "Gale hit" is enabled: Throw up in the air the entity you hit

Spider Sword

Upgraded version of the posion sword
  • On use:Poison and traps on web alm enties on 15 blocks
  • On hit:
    Poison on hit
    60% chance trap on web
    Cures poison from its holder
    Removes web form its hoder's feet
  • On hit midair:Gives strength and speed to its holder
  • On use on block:Cures its holder from poison and removes web on its holder's feet, if you use the sword on a web, that web also disappears

In-game guide books

Once you install the addon you'll receive 3 guide books, they are a simplified version of thia article, for spanish speakers the guides are also in Spanish. If for some reason you lose any of the books juts put a book on a stone cutter, take the item that it gives you and use it, you'll recover the 3 guides.

About bugs

I'd getted multiple reports about bugs of the addon, but me and some friends tested it and there's nothing wrong so before report a bug please be sure you have the three experiments active and you and other have tried at least on 2 world the addon, because add-ons that uses experiments can be buggy sometimes, also find this addon in YouTube, there are like 3 or 4 reviews of this addon already apart of my own showcase video and in all the addon works fone, even Spyderrock made a review and all works, so I can say the addon works fine, I'm not sure why some people can use it, but I'll see if that can be fixed
Some reviews of this addon:
  • I can't build, break blocks: To keep the addon fully compatible with other add-ons I used entities to give effects to the player if it's holding a specific sword, this entities spawn every 2 s, gives effect to the player and then instantly despawn to avoid any lag problem, but they still have a really small hitbox, so if you are mining of placing block under you this can give you problems, if this happens just move your head a bit to the left or right and you'll be able to mine without any problems
  • Entities/blocks don't drop anything: like the first bug this also happens because the addon uses beta features, sometimes the game doesn't adds the items and the mobs don't have anything to drop, as soon the new custom tools and items become a regular feature I'll update the addon to prevent this


Final notes

  • All the swords and items of this addon can be holded with your off hand, the abilities that requires hold a sword works if you're holding the sword with your off hand too.
  • This addon don't modified player.json, so can be used with any other addon
  • The poison sword is useless against spiders and undead creatures, because they are naturally imune to poison.


  • Download both the behavior and resources packs
  • If you're gonna use this on a realm or server download a copy of your current world
  • Active this three experiments in your world
  • Active the behavior and reasources packs
  • Upload the world on your realm or server.

Showcase Video

Enjoy the addon


Download the correct Resource and Behavior Pack depending of your version
Install it, if you have the old version and install the 1.17 version this one will replace automatically the old one, the same if you apply it to your world, there's no need to delete anything
Be sure you have all the experimental features required turned on on your world before use the addon

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16



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