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TNT Crouch

TNT Crouch
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This is the first addon I have released so its small but I think its a lot of fun! In this addon when you crouch TNT spawns on you until you stop crouching. Its pretty straight forward. you could use this addon to troll friends or to just mess around with some cool mechanics. If you want to use this addon in a YouTube video or something feel free to just link this page in the description of the video or something. Also no experimental features are required to be turned on for this addon to properly function.

In this addon like I said before, when you crouch TNT spawns on you.

With this addon you could try and beat the game with a twist or do Minecraft Manhunt with some friends. Another cool thing you can do is get an elytra and some firework rockets then fly around while crouching.
With this addon its likely that there will be a lot of TNT blowing up and its likely that a lot of blocks will be broken,
when a lot of blocks break a lot of items will most likely fall to the floor and when there are too many items it gets laggy, so I added a command to fix this lag. A couple of things to note before running this command is 1) this command deletes every and any item that it on the floor 2) cheats must be enabled on the world that you have this addon on in order to run this command. the command is "/function clear"

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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