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Pokemetels Marvel (Wolverine Update Bugfix)

Pokemetels Marvel (Wolverine Update Bugfix)
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Pokemetels Marvel This is a marvel superheroes addon, this addon allows you to make and fight as marvel characters in Survival Each suit has it's own set off powers which can be selected by using the cycling arrows and then activating it by using the activator There will be over 100 different suits which includes villains, heroes and more, you will also be able to fight bosses and obtain mutant powers and alot more!
Big thanks to these guys
Funeraltokyo, funnyinternetman, hamm and tixel 22 
These guys help with modeling, item texturing and model texturing at times

Suit Making
Certain suits can be made inside the crafting table like iron man mark I, but most suits will require a station to be created in such as the hero maker or villain maker
The materials such as cloth and such can be made In the crafting table
This goes for weapons to, the suits dont automatically give you the weapon as a power some you need to craft like caps shield some weapons can be made in the crafting table to where others may need a station such as caps shield which can only be made in the howard stark bench
To start off with crafting suits that require the stations, you must make the blue print station which then you take the materials for the suit and youl craft blueprints for each part which then you can combine all 4 parts into a full suit blueprint 
You then take the full suit blueprint and you left click or such on the station and the station will start making it, you can only craft a suit at a time per station
In order to get the powers/abilitys of the suit you have to be wearing each peice of the suit, most suits have durability and if a peice breaks while wearing it then youl lose the powers same goes for it you take a peice off of course
Some suits require other things in order to use its powers like ant man you need to make pym particles in order to shrink and grow
Some suit powers will refill its self or have cool downs, iron man mark I flamethrower will refill over time
Some suits also have additional mechanics such as captain amercia if you look down while using the suit is on youl be able to jump higher
Block Recipes
all suits arent the same toughness but the balancing is the stronger suits take longer or are harder to get the stronger suits can also have longer cool downs etc
This is what wakanda looks like for now atleast, this is the only place where vibranium can be found
Villains are naturally stronger then heroes to craft them you need to start off with the villain suit maker and blueprint table
Mutants are heroes such as wolverine and such and are crafted by using the mutant maker and blueprint table
You can find these guys randomly and when you interact with them youl have a chance of getting part of star lords gear such as hes helmet 
These guys will naturally spawn and will attack anything they see, if killed will drop money which can be used to trade with stan Lee
Adamantium Meteor
These will drop from the sky rarely and when minded will give you adamantium
Suit Crafting Video

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.221



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