Kropers » Addons for Minecraft PE » Fast-O Miner New'est - 1.17 Update! Every Ore Added!

Fast-O Miner New'est - 1.17 Update! Every Ore Added!

Fast-O Miner New'est - 1.17 Update! Every Ore Added!
Addons for Minecraft PE
Fast-O Miner Addon.
Add's Tree capitator and a Vein Miner to your worlds and more!
You can chop down tree's and break ores in one hit!
But, How does it actually work?

You have to use an axe and sneak to break wood all at once
But if you dont sneak when breaking you can still break normally
if you dont use an axe itll not work

This also works on ores
Break ores all at once by sneaking
To break them normally dont sneak when breaking

The pictures are from 1.16 and under versions. but the addon only works in 1.17.X

And also works on gravel and clay!!
if you dont use a shovel itll not work!


You can also gather crimson and warped logs also break nether ore's too. (images will update soon)
You can gather Nether tree leaves by using a "hoe" 
There is also an Easter Egg in this addon
You can ride horses and striders with two players ^^

I Also added some recipes 

flint only works in normal furnaces because it would be too op if ı add it to blast furnace
You can cook "Rotten Flesh" and gather "leather" in "furnaces and even camp fires"

Wooden axe's ability to break logs at the same time has removed. it was too op

Note: You dont need Experimental Gameplay to use this addon!
Use English (UK) language

Here is a Trailer of the addon


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Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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