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DiffiCraft: More Difficult Minecraft v2.1

DiffiCraft: More Difficult Minecraft v2.1
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  Tired of playing Minecraft and it is not hard enough for you? Well boy do I have a solution for you! This addon makes your game harder in many aspects to have a more difficult experience.

   The goal of this addon is to provide a more interesting gameplay for those who want a challenge. Here is what was changed:


  • There were several changes to tool and armor crafting
  • Axes now require 2 axes of the previous level, EXCEPT you need gold to get diamond.
  • Pickaxes also require two pickaxes of the previous level
  • Swords will now require two of the previous sword level EXCEPT in the case from iron to diamond, in this case you need gold tools first.
  • Armor uses ingot BLOCKS instead of just ingots.

Mob spawns

  • There were also a few changes to mob spawning.
  • So far only zombies have actually seen a change, they now spawn in larger groups.
  • Eventually this will be fixed, there seems to be a small bug.

Mob Damage & Mechanics

  • The damage dealt by mobs has been DOUBLED. There are only a few exceptions
  • Phantoms were unaffected by any changes as they are annoying enough as they are
  • The Wither was not changed, as it is already OP
  • Creepers do NOT do double the damage, as they EXPLODE. Creepers have DOUBLE the explosive power, same with charged creepers.
  • Zombies ALWAYS see you, even through blocks
  • Zombies and Skeletons no longer burn during the day
  • In-game screenshot of zombies in action...MULTIPLAYER RECOMMENDED!!!
  • Added brass, zinc, brass tools, brass armor.
  • Brass items have a mining level of stone but are more durable and are a bit faster.
  • Brass armor does not break (have not figured that out yet) and has 10 total protection out of 20, but also has a little knockback resistance as well.
  • Brass armor is crafted similarly to the way diamond armor was crafted BEFORE changing.
  • Brass tools still have a slightly different recipe than normal
  • Brass sword also has a different texture than vanilla swords
  • Brass is crafted with 6 zinc and 3 copper. Must be smelted before it can be used.
  • You can find zinc ore underground below y-64. Here is what it looks like.
  • Now you can also get bronze and bronze items. I substantially reworked brass creation mechanics and brass items.
  • Brass sword^^^
  • Bronze sword vvv
  • Tin ore texture is temporary, feel free to suggest tips.
  • Bronze items are tiered between iron and diamond. It provides a little more armor than iron and has a little knockback resistance. It also has 500 durability. Still trying to get armor durability to work.


Download Instructions

  • Click on the download link
  • After download completes, go to Downloads
  • Open the mcpack file
  • I do not know if any experiments need to be on, as I am new to this. You may have to play around with the settings.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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