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Max Enchants

Max Enchants
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Hello or Welcome back this Is  my 3rd addon and now I have just made the final release It took a while so please tell me how you feel about It enjoy!

So... If your new than you should know that previous versions I made it so you would basically have only 2 shulkers and one would give you weapons and the other would give you armor but it had bugs for most people so today I announce the "Custom Age" now you can make your own weapons with books bad news Is I only put 3 types which are Lvl 100, Lvl 5000, And Max Books and not all books are added for the reason of they weren't meant to be anything other than lvl 1 and it could've crashed at some point ok enough talk here's what  you need to do.
So In chat type /function you should get 3 choices 
The first choice (Recommended) Is Lvl 100 or low just do /function Low and you should get 2 shulkers:
In the first one is enchantment books for tools:
In the second one is enchantment books for armor:
Now this is the same with all commands and shulkers so I'm not going to post this again
Ok and you are probably like "Will this even work its probably a scam" well look heres proof:
As you see it works so I hope you have a good day and enjoy!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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