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Ore's And More 1.1.0

Ore's And More 1.1.0
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Hello. I am Hog and I've been working on a mod called Ore's and More. My goal for this addon is to add Ore's to the world with lots included with them. I would really appreciate it if you give me all feedback you have for this mod. Also I'm up for most ideas. This mod is now quite advanced as I have been learning. Some features are sorta junky because they were made when I was less experienced but I hope their still fun.

In this addon I have added a whole tool set. 5 New Ore's and a new Ingot. Some new functional blocks. Also 5 new swords and A staff. All recipe's except blocks come in the crafting menu.


Armour and Tools:
Ruby: Has all tools + armour.
Obsidian: Has all armour and a Sword
There is also a Reinforced Diamond Sword and a Enhanced Nether Star Sword.
All the Ores are:
Aluminium, Tin, Uranium, Ruby and Cobalt.
Also there is Bronze which can be made with copper and tin in a clay mould. (Copper has now been removed and replaced with 1.17 ore)

Also there is a secret ore.

Reinforced Glass is a glass used to craft fluid tanks and can be used as stronger glass maybe for explosions. The ingots are aluminium by the way.

Fluid Tank can fill up with a lava bucket. This is crafted with the reinforced glass. The fluid tanks can now also hold water, powder snow and milk.

Nuclear TNT. Makes an explosion supposed to be 1000x bigger than a TNT. This is created with 8 uranium ingots surrounding a piece of TNT
Finally the last block is a clay mould. This is crafted with 4 clay blocks in a square. I have a glitched texture with that as I tried a new technique to make the block. It is used to make bronze.
Levitation Staff. I am planning on adding more staffs but for now I have added one that makes all mobs near float into the sky for 10 seconds. Not including player. The recipe is in the crafting table.

Update 1:

Fire Staff. Sets all mobs nearby on fire.
Ender Staff. Teleports the player using it to teleport 10 blocks ahead of where they are looking.
Heal Staff. Heals all entities nearby in the radius of 7.5 blocks.
Summon Staff. Summons a custom zombie that fights all enemy mobs and even works with mobs from other mods.
Defending Staff: Summons a protective circle around the player
New Functioning Blocks,
Block Breaker. Breaks the block underneath it and runs out after 10 seconds. Can be refilled with batteries. The block can break obsidian. The recipe is here:
Cobblestone Generator. Generates Cobblestone above itself, great in combination with the block breaker. The recipe is simple:
Cobalt, Ruby and Aluminium have block versions of themselves which can be crafted with 9 in a square in the crafting grid.
The cobalt block can magnetize items and mobs towards it. If left clicked with an iron ingot the block will start to teleport items nearby to the top of it. Afterwards if you Add bronze to it, it will start to teleport mobs on top of it.
Finally I've added 4 different structures. My friend build 2 and I build 2. Heres a picture of one of them:

Update 2:

Added shield staff. It creates a shield of snowballs around you.
Each staff now have 5 levels.
Each level affects each staff differently
Here is a list of what each level do
Summoning Staff:
1: Zombie Minions
2: Skeleton Minions
3: Strong Silverfish Minions
4: Endermen Minions
5: Wither Minion
Defending Staff:
1: Snowballs
2: Arrows
3: Small Fireballs
4: Wither Skull
5: Dragons Breath
Levitation Staff:
1: Normal Time
2: Stronger Levitation
3: Longer Levitation
4: More Durability
5: Levitate Players too
Fire Staff:
1: Fire
2: 3x3 fire
3: Shorter Cooldown
4: Lava
5: 2x2 lava
Healing Staff:
1: Healing 1
2: Healing 2
3: Healing 2 + Regeneration 2
4: Healing 2 + Reneneration 2 + 2 Gold Hearts
5: More durability
Ender Staff:
1: 10 block
2: 15 block
3: Damage Anything you teleport into
4: More durability
5: Lower Cooldown

Living Stone

Living Stone is a new entity which is aggressive and spawns in caves and on the surface. It spawns in light levels of 7 and under. The mob is just some stone that is alive. When killed the living stone drops magical stone which can be crafted with a staff to upgrade the staff.
This is living stone. This is its normal state. It can spawn as an adult baby or a rare boss form. You can breed 2 adult living stone together to make a baby living stone using stone.
I also added a wither scythe. The texture is a work in progress but it works by inflicting wither on anything it hits. It was added because my friend wanted me to make it :D.

Update 3

Texture update. I redid most of the textures in the pack. Some I didn't change because I couldn't think of a way to make it better or I'm just bad lol.
I will show the item textures with the top being old textures and bottom being new
I also changed the armour a bit but not enough to showcase.

Update 4

Quality Of Life update. In this update I have fixed many bugs. Updated it all to work in 1.17. Also added a few new features.
New cave structure! I fixed the old one and it has a custom loot table set to change.
All the ores now also have deepslate versions of themselves. They work all the same.


If I make new updates delete your old version and Install the new one.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200



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