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Minecraft's Hardest Difficulty | The Nightmare and Ultra Nightmare Mod

Minecraft's Hardest Difficulty | The Nightmare and Ultra Nightmare Mod
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Hey! Do you think Minecraft is wayyyy too easy? Well.... So do we. So we decided to make the hardest minecraft mod pretty much in all of bedrock. And this mod, is stupid hard TRUST ME. You CANNOT beat this alone. In fact, it took me a full set of maxed out netherite armor and tools just to beat this.

We have made this mod STUPID hard, but us saying that may not even justify all the work and all the tiny details we have added. So, here is a change log for the Nightmare and Ultra-Nightmare mod.
The Nightmare Mod
Shields now require a diamond to craft instead of the iron 
Zombies now spawn with 4x sized herds 
Skeletons now spawn in with 3x sized herds 
Skeletons now shoot faster 
Skeletons shoot further 
Creepers are now 2x as fast 
Creepers explode 3x as fast 
Creepers have 5x the power
Iron golems have 5x health
Iron golems do 2x more damage
Iron golems are 2x faster 
Witches have 2x hp 
Witches walk 2x as fast 
Fireballs are 2x stronger 
Pillagers are 2x stronger 
Blazes now shoot 3x the fireballs 
Blazes shoot the fireballs 3x as fast 
Blazes have 3x the health 
Blazes shoot more often 
Wither skeletons have 4x the health 
Wither skeletons are now 2 blocks tall 
Wither skeleton does 4x damage 
Wither skeletons are double as fast
 Ghasts now shoot 4x as fast
 Ghasts can shoot 2x as far 
Making the ender dragon have double health 
Dragon has 3x damage
Dragon is faster
Pearls spawn 10 endermites (75%) 
Pearls do 5 damage
End crystals have 3x power 
End crystals are smaller 
Dragon fireball has 2x radius of effect 
Dragon fireball has 2x the power 
Endermen have double health health 
Enderman stay mad for 4x as long 
Enderman moves 2x as fast 
Enderman does 2x damage 
Endermen follow you for 2x the distance
The Ultra-Nightmare Mod
Non player arrows do 5x 
Damage Phantoms have 5x health
 Phantoms do 4x damage. 
Phantoms have 2x the speed
 Phantoms have 2x follow range
 Zombies are 2x as fast
Vindicators do 2x the damage 
Vindicators have 3x the speed 
Ravagers have 3x the health 
Ravagers take 5x less knockback 
Evokers dont have spawning cooldowns 
Witches have 4x health 
Slimes have 2x health and do 4x damage 
Level cap reduced to 30 
Lava does 4x more damage 
Breathing time is reduced by 750% 
Bad omen lasts 2 times as long 
Zombies now do 3x the damage 
Zombies now have 2x the health 
Spiders are 5x as fast 
Drowned are 6.25x faster in the water 
Drowned have 3 times the damage 
Drowned drops are 10x as rare 
Drowned health is doubled
 Skeletons now move 2x faster 
Skeletons do 3x more damage
Skeletons spawn in 3x herds 
Skeletons now have 2x health 
Cows drop 0-1 beef 
Pigs have a 2.5% chance of dropping pork chops 
Chickens have a 2.5% chance of dropping chicken 
Cows no longer take fire damage 
Pigs no longer take fire damage 
Chickens no longer take fire damage 
Zombies don't die in light level 15 
Zombies spawn in herds of 16-32 
Drowned now drop 40-80 rotten flesh 
Zombies drop 50-100 rotten flesh 
Pillagers shoot instantly after reloading 
Pillagers have a 50% increase in health 
Lava 4x damage 
Breathing time decreased by 300% 
Blazes do 24 damage in Melee mode 
Blazes now have 100 Health 
Ghasts attack radius is doubled 
Ghasts follow range is 4x 
Blaze fireball does 2x the damage 
Blaze fireball has 2x the power 
Wither has 3x the health 
Wither is 2x as fast 
Wither skulls have 5x the power 
Wither skulls cause fire 
Blazes drop blaze rods very rarely 
Blazes have 32 blocks of reach 
Blazes charge up time is 8x faster 
Dragon Fireballs now have 15 power. 
Dragon Fireballs now have a radius of 24.
 Enderpearls now always spawn endermites. 
Enderpearls spawn 25 Endermites 
Endermites now have 2x health. 
Endermites are 4x faster. 
Endermites now do 2x damage. 
Ender crystals have 4x the health
Here are a few pictures of the Nightmare Mod: 
Here are a few pictures of the Ultra Nightmare Mod!:

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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