Addons for Minecraft PE
This add-on changes the average horse wandering around the world to give it a horn. which turns it into what? that's right a unicorn. these magical creatures act exactly like the horse you have in your stable but look a tad bit different to make them more unique.

This addon changes the average horse to give it a beautiful horn. the addon will not change behavior or function and is only for appearance. the Unicorn replaces the horse and don't let the unedited spawn egg fool you it still works I'm just a noob at making mods and don't know how to edit it lol. Once tamed you can put a saddle on it and ride around just like on a normal horse except that the saddle isn't visible on the unicorn because of its unicorn magic and they also have too much of a reputation and being seen with an ugly brown saddle isn't good for anyone's reputation. I hope to update this addon soon but can not promise anything or give a specific update day due to the fact that I am working on other addons and personal stuff and that I am going away for all of August. 


I am unaware of what versions it is compatible with so please go ahead and download it to see if it works with your version of the game and let me know what happens in the comments and I hope you enjoy your new unicorn bestie as much as I enjoy mine.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.14



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