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SwampPLUS Addon (NEW Swamp Update)

SwampPLUS Addon (NEW Swamp Update)
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The swamps in Minecraft have always needed a major update, the SwampPLUS addon changes all that by adding new structures, mobs, items, and blocks to make the swamps feel more alive.

The swamp landscape can be a boring place but now has some things to spice it up a bit. This add-on introduces lots of exciting features for the swamps including swamp boats, new Mobs, new biomes, and more. Let's go over some of the new features now!

Swamp Trees

There are two types of new trees, Mangrove (top) & Willow (bottom).
  • Both can be turned into other such as slabs, bark, boats, fences, doors, trapdoors, and planks
    • Do you have to apply a secondary pack to get the fences to work properly
  • You can also strip the logs or bark to make stripped variants.
  • The leaves will drop sticks and the appropriate saplings.
    • Note: The leaves don't decay due to limitations.

Chested and Barreled Boats

  • Whether you're on the Ocean or the Lakes oh, you now have a way to store items during your water adventures
  • This is how you can craft any of the new chested or barreled boats
  • You can also make a Mangrove or Willow boats


  • Dragonflies are a passive mob that are found in muddy / regular swamps
    • Breed them using any dragonfly item, bee item, silverfish item, or spider eyes
    • They eat bees and will actively try to kill the bees if they spot them
    • When a dragonfly dies they will drop as an item


  • Frogs are a passive mob that are found in muddy / regular swamps
  • Breed them using any dragonfly item, silverfish item, spider eyes, kelp, or seagrass
    • There needs to be four blocks of water near the frog and the frog must be in water
  • Frogs like to hop around the swamps a lot
    • You can bring frogs home with you in a water bucket (has to be water bucket)
  • Frogs will drop a new food called frog legs and can be cooked in a furnace, on a campfire, or in a smoker.

Hoppiter Boots

  • Frogs will drop frog skin which can be used for a new pair of boots
  • These are Hoppiter Boots and when worn will give you jump boost.
    • Crafted with 4 frog skin dropped from the Frog.
    • when you take the Hoppiter Boots off you lose the effect.
    • if you want the Hoppiter Boots you'll need to toggle it in the pack settings but it disables jump boost potions.
  • If you want jump boost potions you'll need to toggle in the pack settings and it disables the Hoppiter Boots.
    • With the jump boost toggle on, you can brew jump boost potion again but you can also use either frog legs or rabbit foot.


  • Tadpoles are the result of breeding two frogs together, once a tadpole is born it will turn into a frog shortly after. Speed up the process with seagrass and kelp.
  • You can bring them home with you in a water bucket (has to be water bucket)
  • Ruined witch huts are found in muddy / regular swamps / dead swamps
  • Comes with its own loot tables that randomize each time!
  • There's also now the introduction of a witch hat, the witch hat drops rarely from the witch but sometimes can be found in the loot chest. This is purely cosmetic only and does not serve a purpose. 
  • There are now mud blocks that you can find throughout swamps.
  • Dry mud blocks in dead swamps / regular swamps
  • Wet mud blocks in regular swamps / muddy swamps
  • When you break mud blocks you get a mud ball which can be thrown and cause 3 damage
  • There are two new biomes introduced, Muddy Swamps and the Meremarsh.
  • Muddy swamps are like regular swamps but with lush green grass and wet mud blocks everywhere.
  • The Meremarshes are completely deprived of life. There’s dead trees everywhere, no animals, ruined witch huts, fossils, and especially no grass.
  • At night you will find undead creatures roaming the Meremarshes and there's a grey haze everywhere.
  • There are fossils found in the new Meremarshes
  • As far as monsters go, there are two monsters introduced. There are skeleton witches and the Marsher.
    • The Marsher is found in any swamp and inflicts blindness when it attacks.
  • The skeleton witch acts just like a regular witch and has the same attacks.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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