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DigiCraft - A Digimon Addon

DigiCraft - A Digimon Addon
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Have you ever considered the Minecraft World as the Digital WorldWelcome to DigiCraft a world inhabited with Digital Monsters.DigimonMake friends with the Digimon and watch them grow and change forms to become stronger versions of themselves.

Digimon will spawn in your Minecraft World, you can tame them and train them up to Digivolve into stronger forms.
The addon
Tamed Digimon will level up over time (12 minutes per level), Fresh or Baby forms will start at level 1 and grow to level 5 where it will Digivolve to it's In-training form.
Fresh Digimon will follow their owner but will not battle for them as they are to weak, If a Fresh Digimon dies it will drop it's Digi-Egg and you will have to wait for it to hatch again.
Digi-Eggs will take take 6 minutes to hatch once given a Data Herb
When your Fresh Digimon Digivolve into its In-training form it will then start to level up, when it reaches level 12 it will Digivolve into it's Rookie form,
In-training form Digimon are still very weak but will fight for you if needed, if they die they will also drop a Digi-Egg and it will have to start it's life cycle over again.
When your In-training Digimon Digivolves into it Rookie form it will a gain alot more HP and Attack it can battle for you easier, but be careful if it dies it will need to start it life cycle form a Digi-Egg again.
 You can heal your Digimon with either a 
HP Floppy (Drops from untamed Digimon), They will give back 10HP
Super Veggie, They will give back 50HP
Sweet Nut, They will heal any Digimon Fully
Rookie Digimon will level up to level 20, When they reach level 20 they will no longer use their Melee attack but instead gain a special Attack .
Agumon will use Small Fire Balls as it's main attack when it reaches level 20
Digivices are used to Digivolve your Digimon into their Champion form. You can get a Digivice from crafting all the parts needed. (More colours will be available in the next update)
You will need to craft you Digivice with 8 D-Power Orbs to Power the Digivice
When you have a Powered Digivice you can interact with your level 20 Rookie to Digivolve it to it's Champion form, The Digivice will lose all Power once it used.
Champion Digimon will stay Digivolved for 9 minutes, When it's time is up it will revert back to it's Rookie form. If a Champion Digimon is killed by another Digimon (Tamed or Un-tamed) it will lose all energy and revert back to it's In-training form.
When you see an Untamed Digimon you can tame it to keep as your own using a Data Herb or you can kill it to get some items only available from this method
Untamed Digimon can drop:
D-Power Orbs
HP Floppy
Digivice D2 Case
Digivice D2 Battery
Digivice D2 Screen
Each item will have it's different uses
The Microchips are used to craft into Upgraded Data Processors
These are used to level up your Digimon
More Digimon and lots more features will be added update by update


Download both packs and install them

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.7



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