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Custom Trapdoor Example Pack

Custom Trapdoor Example Pack
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Do you want to have custom trapdoors in your add-on that work great and work just like vanilla trapdoors? This is the perfect example trapdoor for having wonderful trapdoors that are exactly like the vanilla ones.

Pick & Entity Collision:
The Pick and Entity collision is included for all open & closed block states.
Block Positions:
The custom trapdoor support every position the vanilla trapdoors have including up, down, and on the side of the block you place it on.
True to the vanilla blocks:
The custom trapdoor has all the small details you never even think of when your using the vanilla trapdoors such as opening in certain ways depending on how they were placed and the position they are set when they are placed. The only thing that I could not replicate was the trapdoor being placed in the lower position when your facing near the bottom of the block but that can easily be fixed by placing a block and then placing the trapdoor.



Supports 1.17+
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Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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