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Real Vibranium Addon (Armor Update)

Real Vibranium Addon (Armor Update)
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This is the Real Vibranium AddonGain the Power of the Black Panther by drinking the Potion of the heart shaped herb, have epic battles with insanely powerful swords or chop, mine and dig with everlasting tools. 

This addon brings the true power of Vibranium to Minecraft.
You will need to play on experimental mode to enjoy this addon
The Vibranium
First you will need to search your world for Meteor Crash Sites.
They will contain some blocks of Vibranium Ore, No standard minecraft tool will help you to mine this Ore, So use whatever you want to mine it. The Vibranium Ore is very strong and will take a while to mine but when it breaks it will release one piece of Raw Vibranium Ore.
When you have 9 Pieces of Raw Vibranium Ore you can craft a Raw Vibranium Ingot.
Once you have crafted enough Raw Vibranium Ingots you need to smelt them so you can start making tools.
When the Smelting process is complete you will be left with Pure Vibranium Ingots. Now you can start making tools.
Follow these standard recipes to make your tools
Each tool will have 1.5x more attack then netherite tools.
Each tool will have 9999 durabilty, just like Vibranium should plus the speed of which each tool has on there respective block will make it feel like your playing creative.
Each piece of Armor has 5000 durability
The Heart Shaped Herb
Each Meteor Crash Site will have one Heart shaped Herb
So if your not to much into tools and weapons and would rather run around like Black Panther you can.
Grab yourself one Heart Shaped Herb and craft it into the Potion of the Heart Shaped Herb.
This Potion will grant you the powers of the Black Panther for five minutes.


Make sure you have experimental mode active

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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