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ZALCYAN'S QUEST [3.0.17 Update]

ZALCYAN'S QUEST [3.0.17 Update]
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Like exploring? If you do, journey to find six new and amazing biomes! Each new biome has its own custom entities, blocks, and structures to explore! Learn the dynamics of each new entity! Will you become a miner in the Lorlands? Chief of the Mili? Or are you brave enough to venture into the Gulumar? Get ready for an adventure!

This addon adds  SIX new biomes(scroll down to see new biomes):
The Gulumar

Here you will find giant glowing toxic mushrooms! This is the home of the Aqe, an ancient group of alien's that have terraformed the planet. They shoot mysterious orbs that explode on impact!
In this biome you may come across a giant mysterious tower. On top is the legendary Aqe Elite stone! 
Breaking it in survival will summon a boss of this addon!!!

This formidable foe has two stages. Once it reaches the second stage, it will become immune to projectiles! Beware: it has the ability to sometimes turn aggressive mobs to attack their own! It can even cause iron golems to sometimes attack villagers!
Once defeated by a player, this entity has a small chance to drop the Graven Sword.
The Lorlands

A volcanic wasteland that contains giant eight-legged creatures!. They are passive by day, but will inflict blindness come night!

They can also be ridden and controlled by a Lor Gem! 


In the Lorlands, you can find dazzling geodes! Mine to get lor gems.  Be careful breaking the crystals! They might lead to an unwanted glistening surprise! 

These gems can be traded to the Lorlanders who will periodically spawn here. They are aqe who turned against their species. They will attack any aqe in their vicinity. They are also passive to the player unless provoked. Lorlanders will follow any player who wields a Graven Sword.



The Miren
Home to an adorable mob; the Mili! 

 Currently there are two spawning variants. Those that wear a red robe are passive and will drink an invisibility potion if the player gets near! ( Hold a diamond and they won't go invisible). These currently only spawn from spawners in the towers. The second variant is the Mili Warriors. They wear a brown robe. They will not attack unless provoked. All mili warriors will drink an invisibility potion before attacking!
The Milli warriors will also attack the aqe... possibly a good army??? Find out yourself!
Another mob is the Lia. These giant moths will rarely spawn in desert biomes and will have an aqe rider. 
The Moonlen
A mystical highlands inhabited by strange creatures and even stranger trees. These luminous mold growths glow a light blue and produce a dense fog during the day. Throughout this biome you will find spectacular waterfalls and dangerous cliffs!
In this biome you will sometimes come across the Arglonar! This strong creature is the new boss mob and has both a ranged and a very strong melee attack! Also in this picture  are Caicans.  These creatures are docile unless provoked, attacking only once and inflicting poison. The Arglonar can also sometimes make the Caicans angry towards players.  NOTE: To get full fog effect, I recommend turning off  "Beautiful Skies" in the video settings while in this biome.
Here the Arglonar is preparing his ranged attack! Also in this photo, you can see a very rare ancient temple created by a long lost civilization. You will have to find out what it contains!
The Frissania Forest
These giant mushrooms are rumored to be thousands of years old!
In this biome you will find friss bugs. They are harmless and would rather fly around. However, there are very advanced Minecraftians known as Marauders who are found in this biome.
Throughout your world you may come across a Marauder ship. Inside are plundered treasures!
Marauders come with their own armor and blaster. Be careful for these sharpshooters can target players 64 blocks away! They will sometimes spawn in the Frissania Forest. If you get ahold of one of their blasters, You can repair it with lor gems in an anvil.
In the Frissania Forest, there will sometimes be Pod towers.
Interact with the pod stone to get a flyable pod (NOTE: this feature is experimental and may not work on all devices!)
Marauders can also fly the pod so be careful one does not get to it before you! (NOTE: this feature is experimental and may not work on all devices!)
The Raken Fens
A Beautiful Marsh-like biome populated by lightning bugs and the elusive Rhizom. Here you can find Raken trees growing next to blue waters.
The Lightning Bug will only illuminate the skies at night. By day it can be found hiding in the biome’s thick foliage. If killed, they will potentially drop photoprotein jell. Place three in a vertical line in a crafting grid to get a bioluminescent rod.  Lightning bugs can only be bred at night using  Arvense, a plant commonly found in the biome.
Here we can see the Raken Aquafers. Here resides the Rhizom; a creature that hides under a lilypad. They can even be bred using lilypads . (Note: if you have the experimental 'Caves and Cliffs' toggle on, this feature can generate improperly)
Moonlen Caves
 This eerie region under the towering Moonlen peaks is inhabited by the peculiar Varth. These creatures can shed tears that cause immense slowness if hit. When killed, It has a chance of dropping its eye. Right clicking with a Varth eye will release a tear that will cause slowness to your enemies for a couple seconds! (Note: if you have the experimental 'Caves and Cliffs' toggle on, this feature can generate improperly)
Frissania wood
The frissania now has its wood blocks! Please note that the custom doors can only be opened/closed by interacting with the bottom of the door and stairs have the same collision as slabs. (This is a current limitation for custom blocks which I intend to fix in the future). Please note this is a demonstration of the new wood, not a new structure.
This bumbling foe can currently be found in the lorlands. Beware of its sharp spikes!
New Boss!
Rise of the Marlar Empire
Marauders now have a chance to drop warp shards. Craft four into a warp transmitter. When right clicking with the warp transmitter, you will be teleported to the Marlar beam tower. You will also be given a Rewarp transmitter. Use this item to get back to your previous location.
On top of the beam tower is the warp stone. It will be protected by battle-hardened Astral Knights. Interact/break the warp stone to warp in the Marlar flagship. Within the flagship is Emperor Zorkan, a ruthless villain bent on ruling the Universe. He wears the priceless Zorkan Crown. Legend says that whoever wears the Zorkan Crown will be the ruler of all Marauders and Astral Knights. Like the dragon egg, there will never be more than one Zorkan Crown so do not lose it!
There is an EASTER EGG but you will have to discover it!

NOTE: THESE BIOMES ARE NOT COMMON! THEY WILL ONLY GENERATE AROUND DESERTS! (except for the Frissania forest and Raken, which will be near the Plains biome) 
If you are having difficulty finding the biomes, try this seed (make sure you have enabled experimental features first):
-This was tested only on a Windows 10 PC. 
Only compatible with Minecraft versions 1.16.201 and above


  1. You will need to download BOTH the Behavior pack and the Resource pack for the addon to work!
--------->Please turn on when creating a world:
-Holiday Creator Features
-Creation of Custom Biomes
-Additional Modding Capabilities

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.201



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