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Flag-xolotl Add-on (V.1.0.0)

Flag-xolotl Add-on (V.1.0.0)
Addons for Minecraft PE
This addon has a new axolotl but their texture is flag? Try this addon it has a new cutest axolotl that can also friendly also they can attack some sea creatures (except turtles and dolphins) 

This addon has a new axolotl with flag texture THESE ARE THE FOLLOWING:
Filipino Axolotl
/summon country:philippines
This axolotl has a yellow mouth, red on the right, left on the left and their feet
Filipino Axolotl Attacking:
Filipino Axolotl Healing:
American Axolotl
/summon country:america
This axolotl has a white-blue dots on his head and red on their whole body. 
American Axolotl Attacking:
American Axolotl Healing:
Mexican Axolotl
/summon country:mexico
This axolotl has a red on the right and feet, white on the middle, green on the left
Mexican Axolotl Attacking:
Mexican Axolotl Healing:
Uzbekistan Axolotl
/summon country:uzbekistan
This axolotl has a sky blue on the right and their feet, white on the middle, and green on the left
Uzbekistan Axolotl Attacking:
Uzbekistan Axolotl Healing:
Japanese Axolotl
/summon country:japan
This axolotl has a red on their head and white on their whole body
Japanese axolotl attacking:
Japanese Axolotl Healing:
This axolotl cannot spawn naturally so soon it will be spawn naturally also it can't breed so soon you can feed it.


Click the link then download it then import it

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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