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World Guardian (Beta)

World Guardian (Beta)
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This addons currently added 6 golems along with 6 monoliths, keys to summons them!This addons is only in the beta, so many of the features and bugs haven't been fixed yet.This is only the beta of the addon and will be update very soon.The golems, key and monoliths are currently only assessable with commands.To summon the golems, you must first use place a monolith on the floor , then use the keys until all of the 3 monoliths holes are filled up.

Long time ago, the cultist have imprisoned the golems at the cost of their lives.The golems, imprisoned in their monoliths, waiting for someone to free them from their prison.and here comes, the chosen one!
All of golems, their keys and stone prisons.
Each golems possessed unique powers , some even exceed the power of the mighty God of death-the Wither himself, some can fly, they fire fireballs from their eyes, to eliminate all those who they deemed unworthy, all for the glory of Brazyhn.
The golem
Sky Goddess [Lore name: Veyhz'kriin]
pronounced: Vay-zee-krin
Ocean Guardian [Lore name: Morayzu'un]
prounounced: More-aye-zoo-un
Core God [Lore name: Obthu'uryn]
pronounced: Ob-thoo-oo-rin
End Guardian [Lore name: Shul'losniir]
pronounced: Shoo-los-near
Nether Guardian [Lore name: Bah'phomhet]
pronounced: Ba-fo-met
Land Guardian [Lore name: Bahrynz'muul]
pronounced Bah-rin-zee-moole
Sky Monolith
Sky golem
All the keys:
Each monoliths needs a specific keys corresponding to the golems for the monoliths to function.


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Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17
  • 1.16



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