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Server Essentials

Server Essentials
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Setup a Bedrock Server in seconds! This addon will give you ALL of the tools needed to setup and build a server in seconds with ease including templates, security, staff tags, auto money and ranks, donation tiers, and so much more!

Server Essentials

This Addon will allow you to setup and create a server EXTREMELY fast on a new world or even an existing world! Download and Install the Addon, and put it on a world of your choice!


The first thing you will want to do is run the basic setup. Type /function essentials/setup to spawn the main commands. You will find a pressure plate to start the commands, and a chest with some cool tokens to use! Drop any of those tokens to use it's ability:
  • Spawn- Teleports to spawn if setup
  • Ban- Bans the player if setup
  • Jail- Jails the player if setup
  • Inv Check- Teleports player to inventory checking area if setup
After you have step on that pressure plate, the command will start running and do all of the work! It will spawn an armor stand, which will be used to teleport to the commands area from spawn. You may notice on your screen a scoreboard of Money and Rank. This is the automatic money and rank system, which we go over further down this description.


Templates are a nice way to get started with a server from scratch if you have nothing to start out with! We even have a massive spawn you may use! Type /function essentials/template to see a list of the templates. Type the template name in to spawn it where you are standing. For example, typing /function essentials/template/ban will spawn the Ban template. DISCLAIMER! Make sure you spawn a template in a safe area! Once a template is spawned, it CAN NOT be undone!!
Spawn Template:
Ban Template:
Inv Check Template:

Set Locations

After you have setup spots for spawn, ban, etc with either your own creations or the templates, you can set spawnpoints for the locations. After spawning a template, it recommends to set a location as well. Type /function essentials/setspawn to set the main spawn, setban for the ban spawn, etc. You can always change the spawn by simply running the command again in another location!


In the commands area, and in the spawn template, there are tokens you can use to activate abilities:
  • Spawn- TP to spawn
  • Ban- Ban player
  • Jail- Jail player
  • Inv Check- Inventory check a player
  • TPA- Teleport to another player (For non-ops)
  • Set Spawn- Sets the players spawn

Spawn Template

The Spawn template has a lot to see and do. On top of a basic spawn for use, there is several usable lobbies underneath, lots of pads to use for other teleports, a wall of main activities, a staff room, a level up rewards wall, donation rewards, and more! A lot of this can be easily configured as well, we even have a built in Easter Egg for the curious players!


The auto rank system is a very cool way to show off your server. Players rank automatically, but can be manually given ranks by admins or in command blocks as a reward. Use the scoreboard command to give more ranks, say I wanted to give 10 ranks to a player named Joe55, I would type /scoreboard players add Joe55 Ranks 10! In the spawn template, there is also a really cool rewards system for players when they achieve a certain rank.


The money system works very similar to ranks. You can setup shops and such using scoreboards. To give Joe55 $100, type /scoreboard players add Joe55 Money 100! Easy as that!

Special Ranks

There are special ranks setup on the server, which give players special abilities, like fly abilities and more money per level up. Think of these ranks as purchasable ranks that players would buy in a store. There are four Special Ranks:
  • Iron
  • Diamond
  • Emerald
  • Bedrock
To give a player a rank, simply tag them into it, like this: /tag Joe55 add Diamond or /tag Traizel add Bedrock!
DISCLAIMER! To use the ranks properly, make sure Education Edition is enabled on your world!

Donation Tiers

There are tiers you can give players who donate! In the spawn template, there is a wall of donation rewards for players who donate and 5 different tiers. Simply tag the player to give them a tier. Here are the tag names:
  • Tier1
  • Tier2
  • Tier3
  • Tier4
  • Tier5
Tags are case sensitive! To add Joe55 to tier 3, type /tag Joe55 add Tier3!

Staff Tags

There are multiple staff tags to help moderate the game! Here is a full list:
  • Staff
  • Builder
  • Mod
  • HighStaff
  • Admin
ALL Staff should have the Staff tag. Mods and above should have the HighStaff tag. Tag the player into the proper type tag (Builder, Mod, Admin). Each tag will allow for certain things, for example, the Builder can go in creative and edit the world, but has no access to the commands area and other useful spots to an Admin or Mod.
There is a secret Staff Room in the Spawn template. Near the main activities wall (Shown Below), is four stone buttons next to each other in a circle. Press any of them to teleport into the room. You MUST have the Staff tag to go down there, otherwise it WILL NOT work!


There are a few built in security features. Type /function essentials/clearechest to clear the closest players enderchest! Obviously you would be the closest player, so it clears the closest player NOT in creative! Make sure to do this in Creative mode, and as a last resort.
Type /function/essentials/reset to RESET the closest player who is NOT in creative! Resetting a player will reset their spawnpoint, money, rank, ender chest, inventory, and more. It is basically a complete wipe. Only do this to a player who needs to be reset, and use it wisely!

Quick Protection

If you want a fast, easy way to protect an area from player damage, griefing, etc, then put a command block down with Always Active on and Repeating, and type /function essentials/prot100. This will protect the area 100 blocks around the command block.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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