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V1.1 Samurai Armor

V1.1 Samurai Armor
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Hello everybody, this is my new addon, this one adds new samurai equipment to your minecraft world

Review  by FlechaPh9 (spanish)
Review by Santiago Gamer (spanish)
First to craft the armors you need the plaque a especial material
With this plaque you can craft the armors in a new form
This is the complete armor
Now if you put an other vanilla armor ( netherite, diamond, gold or iron) you obtain a reinforced armor or in netherite case the diamond samurai armor with netherite ingot
Also, with this addon you can find a new ore, the jade
With this one you can craft the new jade samurai armor
All the armor can be enchanted
To craft the weapons you need a especial stick, the stronge stick
Weapons craft


1.- Go to the end of the submission and click in the mcaddon or mcpack archive.                         
2.- Export mcaddon archive to minecraft 
3.-Wait the exportation
4.-Active the resorce and behavior packs
5.-Active the experimental options
6.-Go to play the addon in your world

Supported Minecraft versions
  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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