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Minecraft But Every Block I Touch Turns Into Blocks of Gold

Minecraft But Every Block I Touch Turns Into Blocks of Gold
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Did you ever want to make a stream or video for youtube entertaining and fun for your viewers but that wasn't so hard for you to do it? Because i bring you a mod of minecraft bedrock that transforms all solid blocks into blocks of gold, so you get exchange with piglins and they give you good things, but without ceasing to be a challenge

Well, this add-on brings what it says in the title, basically all the solid blocks you touch will turn into gold.
But that doesn't mean that crystals and leaf blocks don't turn into gold, it just means that blocks that take up 1x1x1 block space will be converted
There is a bug in minecraft that makes the Add-on not work in the nether or in the end, take it as a break, and if you are from an older version, enjoy the challenge, although I do not know if they have already fixed it in the betas of 1.17, It works if you place blocks of commands in repeat mode with the following comands
  • /function behind
  • /function down
  • /function front
  • /function inside
  • /function left
  • /function right
  • /function up
Or you can really choose the ones you want but I recommend you not to do it because the command blocks have an area where they work and is not efficient to place command blocks every certain amount of blocks and you will end up getting bored, better follow my advice and take it as a break
Transform all the blocks on your right, the top ones, the bottom ones, the front ones, the back ones, the sides, and, if you get trapped in gravel also transform the blocks you get traped in, basically, every block your skin touuches


also support the new versions after 1.17.0

Supported Minecraft versions
  • (beta)
  • 1.17


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