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Handcuffs PlayersV2

Handcuffs PlayersV2
Addons for Minecraft PE
Version 2 has come with many very nice things!, You can use this complement in your survial series or simply to annoy your friends. Now you can handcuff / tie your friends and be able to take them wherever you want, you will only need some handcuffs, a rein and that's it!

  • How to use?
In order to handcuff the player, all we have to do is:
On a cell phone: point to the player you want to handcuff and hold down the screen and it will give you the key, to be able to take him use a rein / laso, and point to his feet and ready you can take him, to remove the rein, press his feet again and that's it, To remove the handcuffs, hit his feet once with the key and he will be able to move the camera freely but he will not be able to flee, the second touch you give him will remove the handcuffs, leaving him free.
In Windows 10: Point to the player you want to handcuff and right click and you will see how he is handcuffed, to be able to take him use a rein / laso right click pointing at the feet and voila you can take him, to remove the rein just tap on the feet with Right click and voila, to remove the handcuffs right click once on his feet and you will see how he will be able to move his camera but he will not be able to flee the second touch you give him will remove the handcuffs leaving him free.
  • Necessary Crafting
  • Handcuffs
You only need 3 iron nuggets, with 2 iron ingots.
  • Key
Important note! I did this crafting in case you lose the key that gives you the handcuffs.
For this crafting we will only need 1 iron ingot, with 1 iron nugget.
  • Handcuffs 2
You only need to put the handcuffs back on and the others come out.
  • Key 2
You just need to put the key back and you get the other.
  • Desbug Option
This crafting is very important since I consider it to be a very good function, debugging bugs that arise and solving the screen problem when we spoil someone.
Then we only use this item once and the problem will be solved. (To use it, just leave the screen squashed, pretending to eat it, with a few seconds it will be enough.
Weapons and tools
Crafting and functions
  • Retractable walking stick

You will only need 2 iron ingot and 1 flint
This retractable staff adds +4 damage and when retracted it adds +1 damage
In order to save it and remove it again, we will only press the screens if we are on android and Windows right click
  • Nightstick
For this you will need 3 iron ingot and 1 flint
The police baton adds +5 damage to us
  • Taser
For this we will need 3 iron ingots, 1 snare hook and 1 redstone torch.

The taser has several functions
The first is:
We have the taser in hand and we just press the screen or right click and it will fire
The second is:
We put it on the offhand and to shoot both on android devices and PC we will need to crouch and without stopping crouching jump and it will shoot
  • Key copy
For the crafting of this we will need 1 block clay and 1 iron ingot

With this key we will have the possibility to free our friends, we will have to interact with our friend in handcuffs until he is released.
  • Lead
For this you will need 4 of yarn and 1 ball of slime.
  • Police uniform
We will need 4 blue and 4 black wool with a gold ingot
This adds +3 points of armor
  • Prisoner's uniform
We will need 8 yarns of orange color

This adds +1 armor point
  • Pat-down function
  • "Important note, the box will only appear if the player is handcuffed"

A pat-down function was added

In order to search a player, we first have to handcuff him
Then we have to kill him, don't worry he won't escape when he revives
A box will appear which will have all the things

When we interact with the box, we will see that everything it had is inside

We remove the things from inside the box, and then for it to be removed
We crouch down and at the same time we hit him
Video Tutorials that can help you
Here is everything better explained

Supported Minecraft versions
  • (beta)
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221



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