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Murder Sans...

Murder Sans...
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This is a DLC of my old project undertale addon.And I probably won't update this project anymore. Murder sans is a bloody killer and will attack all the living things he sees. This addon brings him to your game, if you are a Murder sans lover, you shouldn't miss this addon! 

Murder sans

He's known as a bloody killer because he killed his brother Papyrus... after that he became crazy and decided to kill everything in this world.
He will not spawn naturally since he is too overpowered to be defeated, but you can still summon him by using an evil command: /summon dusttale:murder_sans.
When he appears, the sky turns into a weird color, watch out!
(Murder sans, say hello!)
He will use different kinds of bones to attack, some will slow down your speed, some will blow you up to the sky! And he will also summon a blaster called Gaster Blaster which can shoot lasers! All of Murder sans's attacks are fatal, so you'd better be careful!
He is also able to control the gravity and use soul fire to attack! These fire will bring the feel of burning in hell on you.
Since he has killed all creatures, he is able to use every dead one's weapons, such as Asgore's spears and Chara's knife.
(Bone Lurkers)
(Gaster Blasters, so terrible.)
(Soul Fire)
(Asgore's spear attack)
(Chara's knife attack)
Do you still want to fight Murder sans?
Well, here is a good news. Murder sans can't dodge attacks. But he is still very hard to kill.
(Look! That poor ravager's attack only deals 1 attack point)
If you are enough brave and strong to defeat murder sans, he will turn into 2nd phrase. And in this phrase, he is impossible to be killed in normal ways.
(Run, now!)
(He can even kill withers easily.)
And phantom papyrus will be summoned randomly. He will help Murder Sans to fight.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.221



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