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Legendary Weapons

Legendary Weapons
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Hello Brave Warrior! Today we have brought you an Add-on which adds many weapons from Videogames, Movies, Anime and many more, so stay and see this incredible complement with us Addon created by Arcanus and Anthony

We start with One of the Most Epic Weapons of The Play Station Company and the God Of War Saga

Blades of Chaos

This Sword has a Damage of 10 and looks very cool when carried by a Player
Other Weapons added is a relic from The Wolrd of Warcraft game and these are

The Twin Blades of Azzinoth

These swords have 10 attack damage
We also have the well known Katanas and these in particular correspond to the three protagonists of the famous Demon Slayer Anime

Tanjiro's Katana

Zenitsu Katana

Inosuke's Katana

These three Katanas have 7 attack damage
Continuing with the Animes we have two of the 7 relics of the Nanatsu no Taizai Anime

Divine Rhitta Ax

This gigantic Weapon has 15 attack damage


this one has 10 attack damage and is very large
There are also Other Anime Weapons such as The sword from the anime of Black Clover

Antimagic Sword of Asta

This sword has 7 attack damage
and We are going to the famous and beloved Franchise of Star Wars movies


Dark lightsaber

These two weapons have 6 attack damage each
It is Zero's main weapon in all the Sagas where it appears, having its first appearance in Mega Man X2, it is a lightsaber that is kept in one of Zero's compartments on his back or his legs (it depends on the saga). It is a powerful short-range weapon


This sword has 7 attack damage
After these weapons we have many that are RPG style weapons and do not have a game or movie to which their creation is attributed, so they do not have so much history of origin

Demonic sword

This one has 8 attack damage

Tiger Claw

This one has 9 attack damage

Skull Sword

This one has 5 attack damage


This one has 12 attack damage

Paladin Sword

This one has 9 attack damage

Sword of Souls

This one has 8 attack damage

And finally two weapons that are super strange but are fun

Mallet Bug

This one has 6 attack damage

Rare Villager Deck

This one has 5 attack damage

How can I get these weapons?

To obtain these weapons you have to craft a chest from which with 1 gold ingot you can open and from there you can randomly get one of all the weapons

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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