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Plus Bows (New Bows and Archer) (Actualization)

Plus Bows (New Bows and Archer) (Actualization)
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PlusBows is an add-on that adds 30 new bows and a new entity (archer) to Minecraft Pocket Edition, each of these bows has its custom crafting, in addition to its special features, I hope you enjoy the addon a lot. 

Plus Bows adds 30 new bows in Minecraft Pocket Edition, each one has its effects, some bows have dynamite included, with some you can teleport and the best: you will not occupy arrows, these bows are infinite!
The add-on also adds a new entity called "archer", with this new entity you can trade the bows that the add-on includes
ACT 1.1: Plus Bows was updated in order to fix bugs when making the bows, in addition new bows and a new very special gem were added, some damage scores were corrected and some textures were corrected
ACT 1.2 (NEW): Added to the plugin a new entity with which you can trade some bows of the plugin. In addition to the fact that the speed of the bows was modified, therefore, these are slower
Now, I will tell you all the bows that the addon has:
Redstone bow
Emerald bow
Lapislazuli bow
Ender bow
Netherite bow
Obsidian bow
Tnt bow
Magic bow
Sky bow
Stars bow
Slowness bow
Batman bow
Rainbow bow
Mini bow
Regeneration bow
Diamond Bow
Iron Bow
Gold Bow
Medieval Bow
Legendary Bow
Redstone bow II
Emerald bow II
Lapislazuli bow II
Netherite bow II
Obsidian bow II
Mini bow deluxe
Diamond Bow II
Gold Bow II
Iron Bow II
Obsidian Bow II
Now I will show you all the crafting, the damage that each bow does, and if it has any special qualities:
To make some arches we will occupy a gem, this gem is very easy to get and we do it in the next way:
Special Gem

Diamond Bow
11 damage
Diamond Bow II
13 damage

Gold Bow
7 damage
Gold Bow II
9 damage

Iron Bow
7 Damage
Iron Bow II
9 damage

Redstone Bow 
5 damage
Redstone Bow 
7 damage
Emerald Bow
8 damage
Emerald Bow II
10 damage

Lapislazuli Bow
5 Now
Lapislazuli Bow II
7 damage

Ender Bow
With this bow you can teleport you
Netherite Bow
12 damage
Netherite Bow II
14 damage

Obsidian Bow 
10 damage
Obsidian Bow II
12 damage

Tnt Bow
2 damage and with this bow you will have dinamite in the arrows
Magic Bow
8 damage and has nausea in the arrows
Sky Bow
5 damage and the arrows has the levitation potion
Stars Bow
9 damage and has poison in the arrows
Slowness Bow
6 damage and has slowness in the arrows
Batman Bow
12 damage and has dinamite in the arrows
Rainbow Bow
3 damage
Mini Bow
1 damage
Mini Bow II
3 damage

Regeneration Bow
With this bow you can give regeneration to your friend or to yourself
Legendary Bow
13 damage and has dinamite in the arrows
Medieval Bow
2 damage
Medieval Bow II
4 damage

In this update, the add-on contains a new entity (Archer). With this new entity you can trade some bows, paying for these with emeralds.
This entity can be found in the biomes:
There are 3 trades availables with the entity:
Trade 1
20 strings - 1 emerald
3 emeralds - Normal Bow
2 emeralds - Mini Bow
7 emeralds - Gold Bow
11 emeralds - TnT Bow
14 emeralds - Ender bow
Trade 2
20 strings - 1 emerald
3 emeralds - Normal Bow
3 emeralds - Mini Bow II
6 emeralds - Iron Bow
10 emeralds - Iron Bow II
15 emeralds - Magic Bow
Trade 3
20 strings - 1 emerald
3 emeralds - Normal Bow
3 emeralds - Rainbow Bow
5 emeralds - Lapis Bow
8 emeralds - Redstone Bow II
14 emeralds - Gold Bow II
18 emeralds - Batman Bow
If you don´t want to make the bows, you can give all the bows with the next command: 
/function Plus_Bows



Supported Minecraft versions
  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16.220 (beta)
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16.101



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