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Bedrock Plus
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*Update 17/7/21* Fixed some compatability issues with 1.17.10 and other add-ons which add mobs*
This Add-on makes the game harder and adds 19 new mobs to the game. The main vanilla mobs (Zombie, Drowned, Husk, Skeleton, Stray, Wither Skeleton, Piglin, Spider, Cave Spider, and Witch) have increased base movement speedhp and attack damage.
The 19 new mobs consist of 12 regular mobs which share these increased speed, hp and attack damage values and 6 "Extra Strong" mobs which are harder still, and 1 neutral mob which keeps its vanilla values.
Finally, I've added a few new recipes to accompany the new mob drops. Some include weapons you can wield.
More details below!

The aim of this add-on is to make the vanilla game more challenging and increase mob variety, without changing the flow of the game too drastically.

I've balanced it around Hard Difficulty Survival, so it may not function as intended on other settings.

Vanilla Mobs

Firstly, I have increased the movement speed, health points and damage of all zombie types (Zombie, Husk) spiders (Regular and Cave Spider), skeletons (Regular Skeletons, Strays and Wither Skeletons), Piglins and Witches.
These mobs have an increased base movement speed (Up to 0.35) across the board.
All health values have been approximately doubled for these mobs.
They also deal on average an extra 5 damage to their regular damage values.
  • For this reason alone I would not recommend loading this mod until you at least have iron gear as it may be too difficult!
  • Also, with the latest updates to the Nether mobs I recommend you have diamond gear when entering the Nether, as it is much harder!

New Mobs

Below are a list of the 19 new mobs I have added to the game:

Regular Mobs

Infected Zombie - HP: 40, Attack Damage: 7 (+ Poison Effect for 3 seconds on hit)
This mob acts like a regular zombie except that it does poison damage with the "poisoned branch" it is holding.
  • Place the branch it drops in a crafting table for some extra sticks!
Poison Skeleton - HP: 30, Increased Arrow Damage (+ Poison Effect)
As the name suggests, this mob fires poison arrows. It is based on the Stray, with a new skin.
  • It drops poison arrows on death.
Burning Skeleton - HP: 40, Attack Damage: 8 (+ Burning Effect)
These mobs can only be found underground.
  • They carry a "Scorched Stone Pick" which inflicts fire damage. You can place the pick in a crafting table to recover some coal.
Redback Spider - HP: 30, Attack Damage: 6 (+ Fatal Poison Effect for 5 seconds on hit )
These mobs are like the smaller cave spiders except that they can be found anywhere and inflict fatal poison. Don't be caught off guard!
Mummy - HP: 40, Attack Damage: 8 (+ Wither Effect for 5 seconds on hit)
These mobs can only be found in the desert and even then they are fairly rare. They inflict a wither attack as they attempt to drain the life out of you.
Volatile Creeper - HP: 30, Explosion Power: 2, Fuse: Instant (+ Causes Fire)
This mob is faster and has more health than a regular creeper. More importantly, it will explode in flames instantly as soon as it is within melee range. To balance things out a little I have reduced the power of the explosion. Its fuse will also trigger as it walks around ready to explode, so you should hear it coming...
Withered Archer - HP:30, Slightly Increased Arrow Damage (+ Wither Effect on hit)
This mob can be found throughout the Nether, in addition to regular skeletons. I've included a wither effect like their stone sword wielding cousins, and their own unique model which features a 3D quiver.
  • It drops wither arrows on death.
  • They attack any piglins they see (as well as you!)
Soul Skeleton - HP:30, Increased Arrow Damage
These mobs now replace regular skeletons in Soul Sand Valley. They function exactly the same, just with a new model and skin which is more fitting to their setting.
  • They attack any piglins they see (as well as you!)
Skeleton Guard - HP:40, Attack 8 (+ Burning Effect on hit)
These mobs can be found anywhere in the Nether, but they are also now summoned by Skeleton Lords. I'm still working on a defensive mechanic for them...
  • They carry a "Worn Ancient Sword", 9 of which can be combined to craft a Netherite Scrap.
  • They attack any piglins they see (as well as you!)
Infected Pigman - HP: 40, Attack 8 (+ Poison Effect for 3 seconds on hit)
These poor Pigmen have spent too long being exposed to the strange fungi growing in the Nether. It has now started to corrupt their decomposing bodies, causing them to release poison when attacking. Luckily for you though, other Zombie Pigmen will not be provoked when you attack Infected Pigmen.
  • They drop the same loot as regular Zombie Pigmen
Improved Texture Lost Skeleton -HP:40, Attack 8 (+ Wither Effect for 10 seconds on hit)
These mobs behave like regular Wither Skeletons, but can be found more widely throughout the Nether. They carry their scabbard on their back. 
  • They drop similar loot to Wither Skeletons, except for their iron sword.
  • They attack any piglins they see (as well as you!)
NEW Fire Bat - HP:5, Small Fireball Attack
Found in the Nether, these new mobs are mostly quite weak, attacking with a small fireball when you come too close. They do tend to spawn in groups of 2 or 3 so be careful not to underestimate them.
Extra Strong Mobs
The following mobs are stronger than regular mobs and have a life bar which also indicates what type of attacks they inflict.
Wild Ravager - HP: 75, Attack Damage: 12
As the untamed version of their domesticated counterparts, Wild Ravagers may appear more friendly but don't be fooled. They will continually try to charge at you and have extra health.
Zombie Soldier - HP: 60, Attack Damage: 9
This zombie type is much larger than regular zombies, has more health, does more damage and has greater reach than other mobs.
  • They drop a "Rusty Iron Sword" which can either be crafted into an iron bar, or polished up to make a "Polished Iron Sword". 
Defective Golem - HP: 75, Attack Damage: 6, Explosion Power: 4 (Fuse: 3 seconds)
Once in a while an Iron Golem will take such a punishing from the endless onslaught of zombies and skeletons that it will start to malfunction and become unstable. This mob's arms no longer function, so instead it will relentlessly charge at you and if it takes enough damage it will explode.
  • If you're fast enough (and game enough), as soon as you hear the familiar fizzing fuse sound you can interact with the golem (right click) to recover an xp-bottle to your inventory before the xp is destroyed in the explosion.
Skeleton Lord - HP: 75, Attack Damage: 12 (+ Burning & Slowness Effect)
These mobs can only be found in the Nether. Besides being larger than regular skeletons and having extra health, they inflict a slow effect whilst doing burning damage. They now also summon up to 2 Skeleton Guards every 15 seconds so watch out!
  • Skeleton Lords drop a "Scorched Stone Axe" which can either be crafted into a diamond or a "Sharpened Stone Axe" for you to wield yourself.
  • They attack any piglins they see (as well as you!)
Pillager Assassin - HP: 65, Attack Damage: 9 (+Slowness Effect), Teleports
These specialist Pillagers work alone, with the soul purpose of hunting you down. Don't let their eye patch fool you, for as a battle-hardened veteran, they can spot you from much further than regular mobs. When within melee range they will randomly teleport whilst attacking you with their dagger. Their skill with a blade allows them to slow you down as they continually change position.
  • They drop their dagger, which you can craft into some extra flint, as well as emeralds.
  • Update - You can now also use their dagger to attack, as I have increased its damage when equipped.
NEW Alpha Piglin - HP: 75, Attack Damage: 12 (+Knockback Effect), Can aggro any surrounding enemies.
Sometimes a piglin comes along that is simply larger, stronger and downright meaner than the rest. These "Alpha" Piglins have managed to amass considerably more gold than the others, which they love to show off, whilst attempting to gain even more. Notice their golden horned helmet, their golden tipped tusks, their golden earring and of course their large golden battle-axe. On their own they are dangerous enough, but be careful! Alpha Piglins have such a commanding presence that they can rally any nearby enemies to fight for them.
  • They drop their battle-axe when killed, which you can use straight away. It deals a great deal of damage, but as a trade-off it will break quite quickly. Think of it as a temporary damage boost.
  • They attack any skeletons they see (as well as you!)

Neutral Mobs

Black Bear - HP: 30, Attack Damage: 6
For now this is the only extra neutral/passive mob I've added. It uses the Polar Bear model with a modified texture and spawns in forests.


There's also new recipes I've added so that the new weapons the mobs drop can be of some use. You'll notice that these weapons are stackable so as to not take up too much space. You'll also notice that they are very weak (ie 15 or so hits to kill a zombie), which is intentional. However a few can be recrafted to do decent damage.
Poisoned branches will give you a stick when crafted as above.
Scorched Stone Picks will give you 2 pieces of coal.
An Assassin's Dagger will give you two pieces of flint (or you can now wield it yourself)
9 Worn Ancient Swords can be combined to make 1 Netherite Scrap. (Please give me some feedback if this is too unbalanced - wasn't sure about this one!)
Rusty Iron Swords will give you an iron ingot OR ...
... A Polished Iron Sword if you place it with wool and leather as above.
A Scorched Stone Axe will give you a free diamond OR ...
... A Sharpened Stone Axe if you place it with a Blackstone Slab as above.


  • Download Bedrock Plus.mcaddon and open with Minecraft.
  • If playing on a realm, download the Realms version.
  • Make sure you activate the behaviour and resource pack in your world settings as well!
  • If you've just downloaded the updated version, you will need to delete/deactivate the old version and activate the new one in your world for it to work properly.
  • It should also be at the top of the load order, especially if you have add-ons which alter the player.json, otherwise the new weapons may not do the correct damage.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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