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Nether Reactor Core Revival

Nether Reactor Core Revival
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Would you like to re-experience one of the most interesting feature from the past. This is one of the OG blocks from Minercraft Pocket Edition. It was removed from the game since the introduction of the nether and the block has no longer have a use. But now I am re-introducing this feature on 1.17 in a form of an addon.


The nether reactor core was introduced in Minecraft: Pocket Edition Alpha v.0.5.0 it was a way to introduce nether blocks to the game since nether portal were a thing back then. When Minecraft: Pocket Edition alpha v.0.12.1 build 1 the block was no longer in the game including the functionality that came with it.

What is a Nether Reactor Core?
The Nether Reactor Core is a block which is used to obtain nether-based resources pre-nether portal update. Once built with the correct structure and activated, it will spawn the Nether Spire into the world which contains the reactor...

Inside resources will spawn from the ground but be aware Zombified Piglins may spawn inside. You have 45 seconds to collect resources once its over the spire will get destroyed and a 3x3x3 obsidian box... 
Inside will be the decayed core once mined you could reuse it to make another core.
These world settings are required for the addon to work. 
For players who don't know what this is all about there is a How to Play section below the nether portals section.



To Download the addon on the new link I'm using here are steps to get through (Android)
  1. Clink the link "Download Addon"
  2. mcpedl will warn the visitor to not press any ads, and you shouldnt press any ads.
  3. Click this...
   4. Wait 8-10 seconds and close any pop up tabs that opens immediately, then after the countdown scroll down and click this...
5. If another tab open just close it then you can download it mediafire.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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