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Lapis Expansion V1.2

Lapis Expansion V1.2
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Do you think Lapis in Minecraft is lacking in uses? I think so! With my new Lapis Expansion addon, you will be able to use Lapis for many different things such as new armors, tools, blocks, and foods!

Lapis Expansion

I plan for this addon to give many new uses and functions for Lapis in Minecraft. I'll to make this addon as lore friendly as possible and try not to add anything that doesn't make sense such as guns or robots! So I am up for any suggestion as long as it makes sense!

        Pale Crystal Ore

Before you can start getting Lapis stuff, you must first venture into caves and mine a brand new ore called Pale Crystal Ore. You will find this ore spawning uncommonly in caves in veins of 1-4 and at Y=50 and lower.
Crystals with a pale white color, these crystals are known to have weak magic in them. Their magic effects can be made stronger and brighter as long as it is paired up with Lapis. The Lapis carries an energy that allows the pale crystal to absorb. The pale crystals will then become a bright blue color. Once this happens, you no longer have a Pale Crystal, instead you have a Lapis Crystal
Thats what the ore looks like. When you mine it, you will receive 1-2 Pale Crystals. These crystals are the main thing needed to craft Lapis gear and you'll see why in a second.
You will also get a bit of xp from breaking the ore.

Arcane Ore

The nucleus of all magic. If you want to have a functional magic weapon you require Arcane Dust. This dust is said to make some of the most powerful weapons to exist!
Before you can get any sort of magic weapon or item, you need to find Arcane Ore. This ore will start spawning at Y=60 and lower.
When the ore is broken, you will receive 1-3 arcane dusts.

Arcane Dust Uses

As said above, it is needed for most magic. Magic weapon recipes are shown farther below, but here I'll show you some items it can craft.
This is the Lapis book, when used it will give you 5 automatic levels. This is single use.
If your lucky, you might score one on a Librarian Villager.
You can also use arcane dust to craft lapis

    Lapis Crystals

This is where Pale Crystals are needed!
The recipe above is how you craft Lapis Crystals. Once you craft the crystal, you can then begin crafting armor, tools, and more!
I decided to make Lapis stuff be crafted from crystals and not from dye form because it doesn't really make sense on how dye can be turned into a weapon or armor, I hope you can agree too!
A brightly colored crystal capable of harnessing magical powers. These crystals can create many unique and magical effects when paired with gems. 

Lapis Tools

Lapis tools are the same as iron in terms of break speed. The durability though is weaker than iron. All Lapis equipment have a durability of 175. As of Lapis Expansion V1.1, everything has durability! 
Lapis Crystals are also known to extract XP orbs from any living entity in known to exist. It is said that the more XP orbs a Lapis Crystal absorbs, the more brighter and powerful it's magic is.
Sword Stats:
  • 6 Damage
  • Low Chance To Extract 2 XP Orbs From Entities
  • 175 Durability

Pickaxe Stats:
  • 4 Damage
  • Medium Chance To Extract 3 XP Orbs From Entities/Blocks
  • 175 Durability
Axe Stats:
  • 5 Damage
  • Low Chance To Extract 2 XP Orbs From Entities/Blocks
  • 175 Durability
Shovel Stats:
  • 3 Damage
  • Medium Chance To Extract 3 XP Orbs From Entities/Blocks
  • 175 Durability
Hoe Stats:
  • 4 Damage
  • Good Chance To Extract 4 XP Orbs From Entities
  • 175 Durability
          Not only do Lapis tools extract xp orbs, they are also very highly enchantable!
When you hit an entity with any Lapis tool, it will say this!

Pale Crystal Gear

Thanks to V1.2, I made it so you can craft Pale Crystal armor ands tools! They are crafted exactly the same as lapis armor/tools except you use pale crystals instead.
Pale Crystal tools are not at all strong. Their damage values are the same as wooden tools. However, the tools can break up to what iron can (meaning that it can break diamond, redstone, emerald, and gold ore!)
All of the tools and armor have 90 durability. They have a low enchantment values and are repaired using pale crystals. In the future, I will make it where pale gear can be turned into lapis gear.
Pale Armor Protection:
Helmet: 0.5 bars
Chestplate: 1 bars
Leggings: 1 bars
Boots: 0.5 bars
Sword: 4
Axe: 3
Pickaxe and Hoe: 2
Shovel: 1

Magic Weapons

Lapis can be used to make a variety of magic wrapons. I do plan to add a lot more in the future.
This is the Lapis Staff, it can buff nearby players.
Staff Stats:
  • AOE Buff (Radius of 5)
  • When used, all nearby players receive resistance and speed 1 for 10 seconds
  • 20 Second Cooldown
  • 20 Durability
This is the energy ball staff. Its quite useful when you need a ranged weapon.
Staff Stats:
  • Fires a small fast moving orb
  • Orb deals 9 damage to target
  • 50 Durability
  • 1.5 second cooldown
Reminder: All magic weapons are repaired using Arcane Dust at an anvil!

Lapis Armor

Lapis armor provides the same protection iron would. All Lapis armor has 175 durability and can be damaged!
Like I said earlier anything can be enchanted, the Lapis enchantment value is 30! Thats way higher than gold!
All Lapis items can be repaired at an anvil using lapis crystals.

New Foods
 You can craft new and useful foods with Lapis!

Each effect from the regular Lapis apple lasts for 30 seconds!
If your lucky, you might find a Farmer villager selling Lapis apples.
Each effect from the enchanted variant will last for 45 seconds, and are increased!
This is the Arcane Apple. When you eat it, you will fire an energy orb in the direction your facing. The orb is as strong as the energy ball staff. (9 damage) You will also receive levitation 3 for 5 seconds and slow falling for 10 seconds.

New Blocks

Just a few new blocks for those who like to build or compact for storage!


Currently there is 1, and that is the Arcane Tree.
It is found very rarely in the overworld. The leaves can rarely drop lapis apples.
You can also turn the logs into planks which can then be used for basic wood tools or decorative blocks.


Please Enable All 3 Experimental Modes!

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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