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Auto Smelt Addon 1.17

Auto Smelt Addon 1.17
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This addon adds a new feature using which you can auto smelt the ores such as iron, copper, gold and netherite while mining. You just have to mine the ores and they will automatically get smelted.

You just have to install the addon and thats it. Now you can directly get iron ingot by mining iron ore. gold ingot by mining gold ore, copper ingot by mining copper ore and netherite scrap by mining ancient debris. This addon is very useful for UHC and Manhunts and other minecraft events.
This works on the respective deepslate versions too. so no worries.
After mining the ore, it will drop one xp and the smelted ore will directly get into the players inventory.
Also the fortune enchant works on the ores such as iron gold and copper. So no worries about it.


  • First click on the download link and follow the steps and download the addon.
  • Now double click on it, now the game will automatically import the addon.
  • Now go to your world settings, the behavior packs, then select this addon and press activate.
  • Now enter the world and enjoy.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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