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Airdrop Addon

Airdrop Addon
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The airdrop addon adds the concept of loot crates dropped from the sky and also a flare gun that can be crafted in survival mode. You may use this in your own world or your realms to add some fun to your gameplay.


In survival mode, the flare gun may be crafted using 3 redstones, a bow, a firework rocket and an iron ingot, as shown below.
You can then fire it with right-click, LT, or hold the screen if you are on mobile. An airdrop will spawn in from the sky and slowly drop in.
Beware that they are extremely fragile! If you shoot them down or they get damaged before landing on the ground, you will only get the remains of the airdrop.


For this feature to work, your armour stands should be placed near a ticking area(can be added with /tickingarea), or otherwise near 0, 0. 
The items that the airdrop contains is not random, but if you run a realm or a server and wish to change the items that get spawned in, you may do so by placing down a chest, and then placing an armor stand named "air_loot" directly above it.
You can then place the items as you wish into the chest. They will then appear in all new airdrops called in.
You may also set different variations of the loot by following the intructions above multiple times.
Whenever an airdrop lands, it will randomly choose from one of the chests you have placed down.
You may also change the probability of one chest like so:


If you have encountered problems downloading this addon or had trouble using it, you can join the support Discord server at any time for assistance. 

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16
  • 1.15 (beta)



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