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Survival Planes

Survival Planes
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Hi! This is the first plane addon that allows you to build, improve and repair planes, with flying sounds, pilot suit and much more. This add-on has 38 aircrafts variations, improving your minecraft experience!

This addon is divided into 3 sections which are explained below:


~Block: Aviation Crafting Table:

This is the most important block, useful to crafting each part necessary to craft the basic airplanes, the pilot suit, and equipment (fuel, propellant key and the repair kit)


-Pilot suit: (helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots) This special suit has the same protection as an iron armor, but half the resistance. The pilot helmet gives night vision during 15 seconds every time you wear it.


-Fuel: Useful to control airplanes. Its drinkable but has strange side effects.
-Propellant Key: Give x2 speed propulsion during a couple of seconds. It has 15 uses.
-Repair Kit: Heals 30 health. It has one use.


-Connected Propellers
-Airplane Cockpit


-1.Wood Biplane:Speed:0.17 Seat:1 Container:2.Health:10                      

-2.Gold Biplane: Speed:0.20 Seat:1 Container:5.Health:15

-3.Lapis Biplane:Speed:0.25 Seat:1 Container:10.Health:20

-4.Redstone Biplane: Speed:0.30 Seat:1 Container:7.Health:25 

-5.Copper Biplane: Speed:0.35 Seat:1 Container:10.Health:30

-6.Iron Biplane: Speed:0.40 Seat:1 Container:15.Health:35

-7.Diamond Airplane: Speed:0.45 Seat:1 Container:20.Health:40

-8.Emerald Airplane: Speed:0.50 Seat:1 Container:25.Health:45

-9.Netherite Airplane: Speed:0.55 Seat:1 Container:20.Health:50. Resistence to fire, lava and projectiles.

-10.Iron Airliner: Speed:0.40 Seat:10 Container:15.Health:35


~Block: Aviation Smithing Table:

It is use to crafting each part necessary to improve airplanes.        


-Extended Airplane (Wood, Gold, Lapis, Redstone, Copper, Iron, Diamond, Emerald,Netherite): Add an extra seat for players, villagers, monsters (witch, pillager, zombie and skeleton) and some animals (wolf, cat, ocelot, rabbit, chicken and pig). At the moment the only way to dismount a mob is destroy the airplane.

-Amphibious Airplane (Wood, Gold, Lapis, Redstone, Copper, Iron, Diamond, Emerald,Netherite): Allows the plane to land on water.

-Amphibious Extended Airplane (Wood, Gold, Lapis, Redstone, Copper, Iron, Diamond, Emerald, Netherite): Has the 2 previous improvements.


~Block: Aviation Anvil 

It is use to repair all airplanes mentioned above.


How control airplanes

-Fuel: This is necessary to control the airplane. With the item equipped on hand, right click outside the airplane to fuel it. This is infinite until the airplane being destroyed. It has one use. When the airplane is fuelled the color of the cockpit panel will change from red to green. Unfueled Airplanes with one seat, can be stolen by a mob.

-Fly: Move forward and look upward to fly and look downward to go down.

-Propellant Key: With the item equipped on hand, right click inside the airplane to propell.

-Repair Kit: With the item equipped on hand, right click outside the airplane to repair.

-Destroyed: When airplanes are destroyed they will drop their airplane remains, useful to crafting Basic Airplanes (Gold, Lapis, Redstone,Copper, Iron, Diamond, Emerald, Netherite) and their improvements. Improved airplanes remains are combinable with each other.



1.Click free access.
2.Click read articles and click the x.
3.Wait 10 seconds and click continue.
4.Dowload and doble click to install the addon.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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